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Below you'll find some of the best France castle hotels and France castle rentals available online. We try to compile the best of France castle hotels we can find on the internet. If you are interested in any of these resorts, please contact the resort owners directly with any questions, for ordering free brochures or booking. The list is updated frequently so visit often.
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Chateau des Vigiers
Château des Vigiers is an internationally renowned luxury four star Hotel, Golf and Spa located in the Dordogne Périgord region of South West France.

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EUR 195 - 420 / Per day

Le Domaine de Beauvois
Originally, Beauvais was a fief of the commune of Maille.

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USD 180 - 291 / Per day

Chateau de la Ballue
The remarkable chateau's mannerist gardens, listed historical monument are agremented with sculptures carefully palced.

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EUR 160 - 250 / Per day

Chateau de Siorac
A charming 16th century French Chateau available for exclusive rental for groups of up to 12 people. Situated in the heart of the Dordogne.

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EUR 414 - 643 / Per day

Chateau de Coudree
12th Century M13979 is located on the shore of Lake Geneva. Direct access from the lake or by air, 25min from Geneva airport.

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EUR 135 - 350 / Per day

Château de la Verrerie
Situated in the heart of an ancient oak forest and reflected in the still waters of a lake, this charming chateau welcome guests in 12 rooms.

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EUR 155 - 360 / Per day

Château de Noizay
This chateau is a luxury hotel with an interesting history tucked into the hillside near the river Loire.

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EUR 155 - 295 / Per day