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Italy Spa Resort

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Key Information:
Specialty Category: Spa resorts
Location: Italy
Region: Europe
Min Price: 400 Euro (EUR) per day
Max Price: 620 Euro (EUR) per day

The warm sulphurous waters of the Tuscan Maremma have been cherished for more than 3,000 years. M14076 was built early this century and recently expanded and beautifully renovated. There are 140 rooms, including 64 junior suites and 8 suites, all luxuriously furnished in an elegant, yet understated style. The public areas are designed to provide maximum comfort and relaxation while the sophisticated Villa Montepaldi restaurant serves fine Tuscan cuisine and excellent wines from the region. The resort’s principal attractions are the therapeutic hot springs and the spa where a complete range of treatments are presented by a highly skilled team. You’ll leave feeling totally rejuvenated.

Property amenities:
Spa & Wellness

Limpha Of Saturnia. Youth That Doesn’t Age - Even if you have only visited Terme di Saturnia Spa Resort for the day, you’ll know that it is special, a place where the natural benefits of the hot spring water regenerate the body and comfort the soul. Today the well-being bestowed by terme di saturnia is even more valuable because it is timeless. Terme di Saturnia Spa Resort gives you Limpha of Saturnia, an exclusive and personalized course designed to help you preserve your youth by improving your quality of life.

Evaluation of Biological Age - The Saturnia thermal resort welcomes every guest with a team of experts who evaluate their biological age. The first phase of the program is actually a moment of intense listening, through which the physician tries to construct a comprehensive picture of the individual’s actual well-being by means of:
- Case-history appraisal;
- Evaluation of general spirits;
- Evaluation of stress level;
- Evaluation of memory;
- Skin evaluation;
- Evaluation of body composition;
- Evaluation of articular flexibility;
- Evaluation of presence of ‘free liberals’;
- General medical check-up preserving, rectifying, repairing.

The Treatments - In the second step, immediately after the evaluation of biological age, the doctor prepares a personalized course for the guest, which indicates all the recommended treatments to improve their quality of life.

The Take-Home Program - At this point each guest, more informed about their own state of well-being and of the behavior needed to be rectified so as to increase and prolong it, can continue to conveniently follow the advice and the precautions of their own personal Limpha of Saturnia at home and relish a new, healthier, more balanced and enjoyable

Thermal pools - The pool park of the Terme di Saturnia Park is a relaxing corner with four thermal water pools, falls, Jacuzzi and vascular courses having both warm and cold water.The thermal water, at the costant temperature of 37°, allow people to have bath all year round. lifestyle.

Golf - The design of the Terme di Saturnia golf course fully respects the natural environment of the site and the area. The golf whole layout design also fully appreciates the gorgeous beauty of the surrounding hills. The course has been designed to offer a memorable visual and dramatic golfing experience.

- Class - Provided with every comfort, these rooms are located in the original historical building of Hotel Terme di Saturnia.
- Prestige - Located in the Villa of the Hotel or overlooking the thermal spring Free breakfast room service and special welcome gifts by Terme di Saturnia.
- Junior Suites - Located in the most recent part of the building, these large and elegant rooms are made of materials in harmony with Tuscan traditions, from the wooden floors to the marbles and travertine stone of the bathrooms. Decorated with natural and relaxing colors, they are equipped with walk-in closet, ISDN hook-up, large bathroom with bathtub and shower. Free breakfast room service, and exclusive gift by Terme di Saturnia.
- Suites - The suites too overlook the magic colors of the natural thermal spring of Terme di Saturnia. Bedroom and little lounge, walk-in coset, linen sheets, free breakfast room service and exclusive gift by Terme di Saturnia.
- All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, minibar, telephone, TV, satellite TV, and VCR.

Villa Montepaldi Restaurant - Provided with a non-smoker section, this renowned restaurant overlooks the thermal spring and the park. The rich and varied menu is based on the Mediterranean cuisine with a particular attention to the typical culinary traditions of Tuscany, and features international dishes as well

Roman Bath: A special place that recreates the atmosphere of the ancient Roma thermal baths , an elegant and striking setting lined with travertine stone, lit by a large skylight. The ritual begins with immersion in the thermal pool at 37°C , continuing with a choice of shower according to one's mood: upright and toning in orange-coloured light or encircling and relaxing, in blue light. After the shower your body is ready for the steam bath and the bio-sauna to regenerate the body and the spirit.

Meetings: Terme di Saturnia Luxury Spa Resort is the perfect place for holidays or regenerative weekends, offering an exclusive and prestigious location to make holding meetings and conferences as pleasant as possible. The meeting hall and the business conference facilities are fully-equipped with the latest technology. At the same time the spectacular setting and Centro Benessere offer an array of engaging free-time activities. Three separate rooms can also be created, on request.

Nearby attractions and activities:
Maremma: It is one of the most striking corners of Tuscany, where hills map out the horizon and each stone, leaf and tree tells a story three thousand years old. Wandering along the pathways that meander through the countryside, between the thermal waterfalls and veils of steam, traces left by history can be made out: evocative Etruscan necropolises, elegant Roman villas, mysterious medieval fortresses. The charm of the Maremma is enriched by its livestock-raising traditions. The ‘butteri’, skilful cowboys, were talented enough to beat Buffalo Bill in 1911 when he challenged them to a contest at breaking in colts. The Maremman cattle-rearers still remain proud of this victory and hand down their skills from father to son.

Montemerano: Securely positioned on a hill covered by age-old olives, its historical centre is a classic example of a medieval town. The town’s highest and oldest point, the castle, dominated by its square keep, is surrounded by small squares, alley-ways and houses that still emanate ancient splendour through traces of frescoes and decorations on their façades. Near one of the town gateways is set the church of San Giorgio, renovated between the 14th and 15th centuries and home to valuable works of art.

Manciano: The monumental fortress, built by the Sienese in the 15th century, commands over the medieval part of town. The heart of this agricultural centre offers ancient elliptic narrow alley-ways with houses embellished with decorative motifs. The Museo di Preistoria e Protostoria della Valle del Fiora displays local finds.

Pitigliano: Offers visitors a fairytale setting rising from a promontory of striking and untamed beauty, surrounded by bright green valleys. The Roman aqueduct, the churches and the houses seem have been conjured up onto the spur of tufa overhanging the valley of the Lente and Meleta rivers. Pitigliano’s magic can be savoured by taking in the historical centre, strolling through the narrow and picturesque streets, exploring the caves and Etruscan tombs that today serve as cellars, continuing up to the Jewish Ghetto whose fame was to lend Pitigliano the name of ‘Little Jerusalem’, with its synagogue, library packed with ancient texts, cemetery and oven for cooking unleavened bread.

Sorano: The ancient Etruscan town stands on a high summit that has weathered to resemble a natural cliff and is surrounded by impressive walls to make it one of the most secure defensive systems in the county of Pitigliano. The lovely fortress commands from on high, one of the most esteemed examples of military architecture of the Italian Renaissance period. The Orsini palace and the large Etruscan necropolis are also recommended visiting.

Sovana: This was a important centre from Etruscan times and up to the 12th century. From the 1960s, improvement and restoration projects have restored its particular evocative atmosphere. A real architectural jewel is the cathedral, built in the 9th century and modified between the 11th and 12th centuries.

170 kilometers north of Rome and 200 kilometers south of Florence.

Special offer from 27.08-25.10.
- Short Stay 3 nights (Sunday to Wednesday): Class – ˆ 440.00; Prestige - ˆ 530.00; Junior Suite ˆ 620.00.
- Long Week End 3 nights (Thursday to Sunday): Class – ˆ 540.00; Prestige - ˆ 630.00; Junior Suite ˆ 720.00.
- Midweek 4 nights (Sunday to Thursday): Class – ˆ 540.00; Prestige - ˆ 630.00; Junior Suite ˆ 720.00.

Price Includes:
- Bed & Breakfast;
- Use of Thermal Pool;
- Roman Bath with Sauna & Turkish bath;
- Tennis Court;
- Golf Driving Range
- The above prices are per person in double room.

Spa & Wellness

Relaxation & Massages:
- Shiro Bliss (50 minutes) - ˆ 90.00
- Aromatherapy (80 minutes) - ˆ 100.00
- Aquarelaxation (40 minutes) - ˆ 100.00
- Saturnia Four Hand Massage Shower (25 minutes) - ˆ 70.00
- Saturnia Stone Therapy (55 minutes) - ˆ 100.00
- Face Mask (25 minutes) - ˆ 40.00
- Energetic Rebalancing Massage (50 minutes) - ˆ 80.00
- Manual Lymph-Drainage - Vodder Technique (50 minutes) - ˆ 80.00
- Full Body Massage (50 minutes) - ˆ 80.00
- Deep Lymphatic Drainage (50 minutes) - ˆ 80.00
- Targeted Zone Massage (25 minutes) - ˆ 45.00
- Mukha Bliss (25 minutes) - ˆ 80.00
- Kisa Bliss (25 minutes) - ˆ 50.00
- Saturnia Dynamic Massage (50 minutes) - ˆ 80.00
- Saturnia 4 Hand Massage (50 minutes) - ˆ 150.00

Beauty Treatments:
- Well-Being Oil (50 minutes) - ˆ 80.00
- Face Mask (25 minutes) - ˆ 40.00
- Cleansing Facial (50 minutes) - ˆ 60.00
- Specific Face Treatment (50 minutes) - ˆ 80.00
- Intensive Specific Face Treatment (80 minutes) - ˆ 110.00
- Neck and Décolleté Treatment (50 minutes) - ˆ 80.00
- Hydralight (80 minutes) - ˆ 110.00
- Multivitamin Oxygenating Treatment (80 minutes) - ˆ 110.00
- Toning Body Mud (50 minutes) - ˆ 55.00
- Anti-Fatigue Mud (50 minutes) - ˆ 55.00
- Anti-Cellulite Mud (50 minutes) - ˆ 55.00
- Thermal Plankton (25 minutes) - ˆ 40.00
- Gommage + Thermal Plankton (50 minutes) - ˆ 70.00
- Toning Cellulite Treatment (50 minutes) - ˆ 55.00
- Wrap (25 minutes) - ˆ 40.00
- Liposlim (50 minutes) - ˆ 55.00
- Compex (25 minutes) - ˆ 40.00
- Endermologie (35 minutes) - ˆ 70.00
- Manicure (30 minutes) - ˆ 25.00
- French Manicure (40 minutes) - ˆ 35.00
- Pedicure (50 minutes) - ˆ 45.00
- Waxing (20-50 minutes) - ˆ 25.00-50.00
- Complete Hair Treatment (50 minutes) - ˆ 60.00
- French Pedicure (50 minutes) - ˆ 55.00
- Aromatic Oil Massage with Mud - ˆ 80.00

Aesthetic Medicine:
- Exfoliating Therapy with Glycolic Acid - ˆ 80.00
- Salicylic Acid Mask - ˆ 130.00
- Kerolytic (according to area treated) - ˆ 130.00
- Vitamin C Mask - ˆ 80.00
- Skin Revitalizing Therapy - ˆ 200.00
- Collagen Implantation - ˆ 130.00
- Jaluronic Acid Implantation - ˆ 350.00
- H.E.M.A. Implant - ˆ 450.00
- Mesotherapy - ˆ 80.00
- Oxygen Therapy - ˆ 90.00
- Dermatological Micro-Surgery - ˆ 185.00

Specialist's check-up:
- ROMs test - ˆ 50.00
- Spirometry - ˆ 40.00
- Electrocardiogram - ˆ 50.00
- Complete Basic Screening - ˆ 190.00 15 test
- Medical check-up - ˆ 45.00
- Dermatological check-up - ˆ 80.00
- Dermatologic check-up - ˆ 80.00
- Physiatric check-up - ˆ 80.00
- Skin Check-Up ˆ 52,00
- Hydrocolon Therapy ˆ 300,00
- Biological Age Evaluation - ˆ 160,00

Diet Service:
- Dietetic Specialist’s check-up - ˆ 80.00
- Diet Menu - ˆ 21.00 per day.

Physiotherapeutic Techniques:
- Physiokinesiotherapy (25 or 50 minutes) - ˆ 50.00-80.00
- Individual Hydrokinesiotherapy (40 minutes) - ˆ 80.00
- Group Hydrokinesiotherapy: max 3 persons (40 minutes) - ˆ 30.00
- Electrophysiotherapy (25 minutes) - ˆ 40.00
- Ultrasonic Therapy (20 minutes) - ˆ 40.00
- Pressotherapy (20 minutes) - ˆ 40.00
- Energad MK3 (12 minutes) - ˆ 40.00
- Impulse Laser Nd Yag - ˆ 60.00

- 1 Fitness Program Class - ˆ 13.00:
- Daily Pass Saturnia Fitness Program - ˆ 23.00
- Autogenic Training (5 day) - ˆ 78.00
- Personal Training (50 minutes) - ˆ 65.00
- The Pilates Method (Individual training - 50 minutes) - ˆ 75.00

Plan wellbeing - These programs are the combination of treatments in one or three days, in order to reach an immediate sensation of well-being:

Spa Experience:
- 3 Daily tickets for the thermal pools
- 1 Cosmetological Check Up
- 1 Dermotouch
- 1 Vitamin C Mask
- 2 Specific Face Treatment
- 3 Days Program
- ˆ 360.00

Spa Tasting:
- 1 Daily Ticket for the thermal pool+ Sun-bed
- 1 Thermal Plankton
- 1 Targeted Zone Massage
- 1 Day Program
- ˆ 100.00

Spa Intensive:
- 1 Daily Ticket for the thermal pool+ Sun-bed
- 1 Intensive Specific Face Treatment
- 1Saturnia Four Hand Massage Shower
- 1 Day Program
- ˆ 190.00

Spa Fitness:
- 1 Daily Ticket for the thermal pools+ Sun-bed
- 1 Daily Pass for the Saturnia Fitness Program
- 1 Personalized Take Home program
- 1 Day Program
- ˆ 75.00

Thermal pools:
- Daily fares ˆ 16.50
- Daily (children 2-6) ˆ 8.50
- Daily fares (afternoon) ˆ 12.50.

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The warm sulphurous waters of the Tuscan Maremma have been cherished for more than 3,000 years. M14076 was built early this century and recently expanded and beautifully renovated. There are 140 rooms, including 64 junior suites and 8 suites, all luxuriously furnished in an elegant, yet understated style. The public...

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