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Sri Lanka Spa Resort

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Key Information:
Specialty Category: Spa resorts
Location: Sri Lanka
Region: Asia
Min Price: 110 US Dollar (USD) per day
Max Price: 350 US Dollar (USD) per day

Part transcendental, part therapeutic, Ayurveda fuses centuries of knowledge in a detailed healing art and science. M14435's Ayurvedic specialists individualize treatments and rejuvenation programs to the health, lifestyle and desires of every guest.

Transform your holiday with a complete Ayurvedic retreat. Or choose a selection of treatments to complement your experience as you explore Sri Lankan culture with M14435 Resorts. Discover the Ayurvedic Spa Centers at: M14435 - An Ayurvedic spa surrounding guests in nature. Ayurvedic resort allowing guest to visit the attractions of Sri Lanka 's Culture Triangle, followed by soothing traditional treatments.

Cross through the entrance and find yourself in an open air courtyard. Thatched roofs top wattle and daub dwellings. Antique kohomba wooden pillars and 200-year-old medicine cupboards grace the consultation area. Baskets of drying herbs sit immersed in the sun or tucked away in the shade. Incense and oil lamps burn by the statue of Sri Dhanvantari, the patron deity of Ayurveda.

For purifying, aromatic steams, the spa houses two kohomba wood steam baths, while Ayurvedic herbal baths are enjoyed in two special outdoor tubs. One, hollowed out from a Diya Labu tree, accommodates single guests or couples. The Gal Oruwa, carved out of rock, is used for therapeutic baths with milk or herbal oils.

Experience Ayurvedic therapies such as herbal body massages and facial treatments, offered in seven treatment rooms. For guests on Rejuvenation Programs, two Shirodhara rooms provide this powerful treatment, directing a continuous stream of warm oil on the centre of the forehead.

Property amenities:
A team of twenty Ayurvedic specialists, including one resident Ayurvedic physician and two consulting physicians, provide individualized treatments for each guest.

A selection of the most popular treatments:

Herbal Oil Body Treatment:
Oil Body Massage, Herbal Steam and Herbal Bath
Complete body massage with individually selected Ayurvedic medicinal oils. Intense relaxation for fatigue and muscle ache relief. Followed by purifying herbal steam and herbal bath.
Approx 1 hr 30.

Herbal Oil Body Massage Treatment and Herbal Bath
Complete body massage with individually selected Ayurvedic medicinal oils. Intense relaxation for fatigue and muscle ache relief. Followed by cleansing herbal bath.
Approx 1 hr.

Vashpa Sveda:
Herbal Oil and Steam Treatment
Approx 30 min.

Avagaha Sveda:
Rejuvenating Herbal Bath which cleanses the body externally while also promoting the release internal bodily toxins through the skin.
Approx 20 min.

Herbal Oil Head Treatment:
Head Massage with Vital Point Treatment
Approx 30 min.

Vaktra Chikitsa:
Herbal Facial Treatment incorporating a facial massage with herbal oil, medicinal facial pack and facial steam. Herbal ingredients such as sandalwood, turmeric and aloe vera improve the health and appearance of the skin.
Approx 40 min.

Vaktra Vimardana:
Herbal Oil Facial Massage with Vital Point Treatment
Approx 15 min.

Foot massage which stimulates the terminal point of the body’s nerves. Reflexology treatments affect the entire body by concentrating on individual nerves in the feet, which connect to all major organs. Our therapists treat guests using techniques learned from a Thai specialist.

Set on 12 hectares bordering Kandalama Lake. Paths wind through the natural forested grounds, with 92 Sri Lankan villas scattered amongst the trees.

Check-in time after 01PM
Check-out time before 12 Noon

No pets allowed

If the cancellation is 1 weeks prior to arrival - 50% form the advance payment

If it is within 2 weeks prior to arrival 50% from the full amount.

“Suwa Sadhana Ayurveda” Rejuvenation Programs immerse you in the full benefits of Ayurvedic treatments. Beginning with an initial consultation, our Ayurvedic specialists will design an individualized course of medicinal spa therapies to meet the needs of your mind, body and lifestyle.

A fully holistic experience. Rejuvenation guests typically stay in the Warichchi Village accommodation and dine on Ayurvedic cuisine.

* Details of 7, 10 and 14 day Programs:

Day 1:
- Arrival at Colombo Airport.
- Welcome on Arrival and Transfer to Amaya Lake , Dambulla.
- Check-In.
- Ayurvedic Centre Orientation, Diagnosis of Body Constitution.
- Planning of Individual Treatment Schedule.
- Herbal Bath.

Day 2 to Day 7/10/14 :
- Morning Exercise.
- After-Breakfast Ayurvedic Treatment Session.
- Evening Exercise.

Day 8/11/15 :
- Breakfast at hotel.
- Late evening transfer to Airport in time for the departure flight Or Beach stay / Onward travel.

Treatments will be selected from following according to each person’s health and body constitution:

This is a special graded unique Ayurvedic technique treatment where the body is massaged with oil. It mainly works with the Prana or the life force/energy. This is offered only for the guests who are on 7-30 days treatment programs. The time duration is 60 min. The medicated oil is individually selected according to the body constitution and the body condition.

Shirsha Taila Vimardana (Head Massage):
Head, neck and shoulder massage is given for 10 – 20 min. The head is included among the special places for oil treatment in the ancient texts.

Vaktra Vimardana (Facial Massage):
Face massage with herbal oil, 10 – 20 min.

Vaktra Chikitsa (Facial Treatment):
Face massage with herbal oil and treatment with udvartana (medicinal mask) and steam. The time duration 20-30 min. Herbal medicines which are specially good for the skin such as Sandalwood, Turmeric and Aloe are used for the treatment.

Pada Abhyanga:
Pada abhyanga is given for 20-30 min to the foot followed by a steam treatment. Although this treats only the foot, the effect is on the total body. The foot is also a special place for oil treatment.

This treatment drips warm oil in a continuous stream on the forehead. The oil flows from a vessel hung approximately 6-8 inches above the forehead. The place in the forehead to which the stream of oil is made to drip is an important place in the energy flow (a chakra). Treatment is given for 20-60 min and is usually given for 2-5 days of a Rejuvenation Program. Approximately 2.5 l of oil is used for each treatment. The oils used are made with herbs that pacify vata, calm and nourish the nervous system and open the vital energy channels in the head. Shirodhara has a very special place in Ayurvedic treatment.

Sarvangadhara (Pizijil):
This is the dropping of oil all over the body with gentle massage. This serves as a snehana (medicinal oil) as well as swedana (heat/sweating purification) treatment. About 2.5 l of medicated oil is used. The treatment is given for 45-90 min. Sarvangadhara is usually included for 3-7 days in Rejuvenation program.

Pindasveda (Medicinal bolus treatment):
Massage is given with a bolus of an herbal preparation and followed by oil application. Pindasveda a type of heat treatments and one of the best methods used treat join pains. Treatment takes 45-60 min.

Navarakizi (Rice bolus treatment):
This is a special type of bolus treatment in which the bolus is made with rice boiled in herbal decoction and milk. This is also a heat treatment. It improves muscle tone and nourishes the muscle.

Apart from the above main treatments, Gandusha (Herbal gargling), Akshitarpana (Eye care), Karnapurna (Ear care), Shirovasthi (Head Oil treatment), Kati vasthi (Back oil treatment) and other therapies may also be included as part of your specially designed program.

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Fragrant herbs. Warm oils. Healing massage. Hands enfold you. Steam envelops you. Aromatic baths surround you. Head massages stimulate nerve centers, opening the senses. Herbal poultices nourish the skin. Full body treatments lead you on journeys of total relaxation. Part transcendental, part therapeutic, Ayurveda...

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