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Bathys Diving

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Key Information:
Specialty Category: Diving resorts
Location: French Polynesia
Region: Australia and Oceania
Min Price: 10 Euro (EUR) per day
Max Price: 10000 Euro (EUR) per day

The dive sites we offer:

* The rays corridor
- Lagoon dive 7 min.(distance by speed boat )
- Moorage depth : 1.5 meters ( 5 feet)
- Max depth : 5 to 20 meters (15 to 60 feet)
This dive is inside the lagoon, very protected from sea and is a perfect spot for young children, beginners, lessons or for refresher dives. Beautiful corral, many tropical reef fishes and, for most of divers, frequent meetings with white tips sharks and a group of eagle rays (sometimes more than 40 of them). A great experience, even for experienced divers.

* The rays’ corridor drift
- Drift dive 2 min. .(distance by speed boat )
- Moorage depth : No moorage
- Max depth : 20 meters (60 feet)
A very special dive. You will be dropped off on a demonstration Pearl Farm where you will discover the several ways to conserve the clamps. Sometimes, a huge barracuda stay with us during this time. Then we move to a shallow area to discover Tahitian sculptures (Tikis) that were sunk here years ago. Very good for photos in crystal clear and shallow water. Then we go down by a slope of white sand and start the long drift dive (1.5 to 2 miles), following the natural lagoon channel. Just let the current push you and enjoy the dramatic declivity of corral walls ; be very careful to be able to see the schools of eagle rays(special briefing for that) and the white tip sharks that stay hidden in corral caves or just lying on the sand. The end is on a corral table with many corral fishes and sand fishes. A wild dive we enjoy, just because we have to spend a long time looking for the specific fauna. An incredible experience, Bathys Diving Moora's exclusive…

* TIKI point
- Ocean dive 12 min. .(distance by speed boat )
- Moorage depth : 18 meters (55 feet)
- Max depth : 20 meters (60 feet) for the feeding
- To max 25 meters (75 feet) for exploration
World famous for its clear water and the numerous sharks and fishes we can always see. This site is an area where wild sea life is incredibly dense and moving. It’s the spot for most Moorea’s surprises and, occasionally a very good spot for whales or dolphins watching. It’s one of our favorite spots where you will see many black tip, gray and the big (10 feet) lemon sharks. Discover why so many professional underwater photographer come to work here...

* Aïto
- Ocean dive 10 min. .(distance by speed boat )
- Moorage depth : 18 meters (55 feet)
- Max depth : 20 meters (60 feet) for the feeding
- 27 meters (80 feet) for exploration
A new spot we created some months ago. Close to Tiki point, you will see the same kind of Sea life except that in this area, it’s not rare to see several sea turtles (up to 7 during the same dive). The reef break is a bit deeper and we may have some current. But the corral is one of the most beautiful… and the Sea life intense.

* The white valley
- Ocean dive 4 min.(distance by speed boat )
- Moorage depth : 10 meters (30 feet)
- Max depth : 25 meters (75 feet)
A beautiful dive with very special atmosphere that we only do with great weather conditions. After a ballad on a very nice corral reef, you will go down to a white and fine sand field. You will see sharks on a very particular blue water, wild and curious stingrays and, if you lie on the bottom, garden eels that will disappear in sand as you move forward. At the end, the sand finish on a vertiginous slope going quickly to several thousand feet. Going back, be attentive and you will find many beautiful shells. Bathys Diving Moorea's exclusive…

* Taotoï pass
- Drift dive 2 min. .(distance by speed boat )
- Moorage depth : No moorage
- Max depth : 20 meters (60 feet)
A special and great dive not always available (depending weather conditions). You will find different kinds of visibility, depth and type of fauna. We start first inside the lagoon with lagoon fauna (sting rays, ...) and will go then with the current outside the reef, crossing eagle rays, napoleon fishes, huge nurse and white tip sharks ,... On the bottom lies shells that take advantage of current. At the end of the pass, arriving in ocean, you will see an explosion of light and colors. At the limit of lagoon water and ocean water stays a dense sea live : eagle rays, numerous jack fishes, sharks, ... 5 minutes ballad more before being picked up by the boat that follows on surface, and you will fill sad to leave this particular underwater world. An incredible experience. Bathys Diving Moorea's exclusive…

* Taotoï
- Ocean dive 4 min.(distance by speed boat )
- Moorage depth : 12 meters (35 feet)
- Max depth : 20 meters (60 feet)
One of our favorite spot, 4 minutes boat from the dive center. Even if you do it 10 times, you will always discover new things, as many fishes move from one side of the island to the other, passing threw this area. But above all, you will enjoy to see the huge moray eels, scarring but so nice, and friendly sea turles. Another unique experience that you will see again and again on the video.

* Papetoai ocean
- Ocean dive 8 min. (distance by speed boat )
- Moorage depth : 15 meters (45 feet)
- Max depth : 29 meters (90 feet) or more
Not so fishy than others, this spot is a wild area with very nice and thin corral. Near Opunohu pass, this site is a « passing threw » area that can bring exceptional surprises.

* Opunohu Corral Wall
- Ocean dive 8 min.(distance by speed boat )
- Moorage depth : 15 meters (45 feet)
- Max depth : 20 to 30 meters (60 to 90 feet)
The show begin onboard with the best view of “the most beautiful island of the world”. Just see once Opunohu bay from this moorage area and you will understand what we want to say. It’s also a very protected area for East winds and waves. Once in water, you will discover a very special dive for this island, with great corral walls and several corral canyons. You can do several dives in the same area : one goes deeper to the « small rose garden », a specific kind of corral. Other goes to the big wall. And the last one can finish near the Sharks’ dining room. But in all of them, you will be accompanied by sea turtles, sharks and tropical fishes and probably see huge moray eels before crossing from one canyon to the other, staying in middle of clear water.

* Sharks’ Meeting dive
- Ocean dive 10 min. (distance by speed boat )
- Moorage depth : 15 meters (45 feet)
- Max depth : 30 meters (90 feet)
Not really a difficult dive, but it’s the deepest spot for shark feeding and divers must control their air consumption not to run out of air to fast. But this spot is very spectacular for the big lemon sharks that come to the feeding. The corral is also very nice.

* Opunohu Canyons
- Ocean dive 12 min. (distance by speed boat )
- Moorage depth : 15 meters (45 feet)
- Max depth : 30 meters (90 feet)
One of our favorite spots for shark feeding. Kneeing on the bottom of a small canyon, you will see plenty of small fishes, black tip sharks, and of course the biggest lemon sharks. After the feeding, you will move to see more, and you will see that there is a lot to see. At the end of the dive, just before the safety stop, we usually stop to see pretty anemones with clown fishes. Don’t forget to keep some photos for them.

* The Roses Garden
- Ocean dive 12 min.(distance by speed boat )
- Moorage depth : 15 meters (45 feet)
- Max depth : 40 meters (120 feet) and much more ...
The moorage is the same than Opunohu Canyons but we sometimes do it drifting and then join the end of the feeding. The roses garden is the deepest dive we do, a great dive, world famous. But sorry, not everybody can do it. It’s a decompression dive. For safety reasons, you must be rescue diver at least to be allowed to do it and have be done at least one previous dive with us. Spectacular for the « roses », the big sharks and the very special atmosphere... After this dive, a 24 hours surface interval is mandatory before flight.

Property amenities:
The dive center is composed in a large principal room which includes a shop, cloakrooms, toilets, showers, a video space and a school room.
The pontoon and the access to the boats are with 100 feet of the divecenter. Two large vats of rinsing are at the disposal of the plungers as well as cloakrooms to hang the material.

Nearby attractions and activities:
The dive center is located in the Intercontinental Resort & Spa. The hotel proposes many activities in which you will be able to take part: helmet dive (aquawalk), snorkeling, parasail, dolphins discover...

The island of Moorea is located at the west of Tahiti, in French Polynesia, with 10mn in the plane or 30mn in ferry.

Morning : certified divers
8:30am : fun dive or two tank dive
10:30am : fun dive
Afternoon : beginners
2:30pm : intro dives, courses, refresh course
Booking by email or phone : credit card number to confirm
Cancellation 24h before : free.
Cancellation the day of diving : 100% charged
Smoking area
No pets

All our rates are all taxes included. The rates are the same with your own gear.Quoted in Polynesia Francs about -1 USD = 85xpf- and Euros
The rate for one dive is 7 000 xpf 59Euro
The rate for a two tank dive is 13 000 xpf 109Euro
Package of 3 to 5 dives : rate per dive 6 300 xpf 53Euro
Package of 6 dives and more : rate per dive 5 700 xpf 48Euro
Introductory dive : 9 000 xpf 75Euro
Package discover (2 introductory dives) : 16 000 xpf 134Euro
Refresh course : half day : 8 000 xpf 67Euro
Snorkeling (during the dive time) : 3 500 xpf 29Euro
Padi scuba diver training (all include) : package 3 days : 39 000 xpf 327Euro
Padi Open Water Diver (all include) : package 4 days : 59 000 xpf 494Euro
Padi Advanced Open Water Diver (all include) : package 3 days : 45 000 xpf 378Euro
Padi Nitrox certification (all include) : 25 900 xpf 217Euro
Padi specialties : please contact us.
Private services on request : please contact us.

All our rates are in Polynesian francs.
You can pay with cash (xpf, usd or euros), credit card (visa and american express cards welcome)

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