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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 1 - 7 day(s)
Group Size: 1 - 20 people
Destination: Philippines  
Category: Scuba diving operators
Specialty: Diving instructor, Other, Scuba diving center  
Season: January - December
Min Price: 50 US Dollar (USD) per person
Max Price: 880 US Dollar (USD) per person

Coral Garden (depth 3 to 10 meters). Coral Garden is situated off Long Beach. It is a beautiful dive site with large formations of hard corals along with basket sponges and colorful soft corals. A fantastic site for underwater photography with a high variety of small fish.

Manila Channel (depth 5 to 18 meters). The Manila Channel is the channel between Medio and Paniquian Islands. The dive begins in shallow water on a beautiful reef with hard and soft corals and hundreds of small fish. Then you drift into the channel with the flood tide of Verde Passage.

The Hills (depth 5 to 15 meters). The Hills are located at the southeast end of the channel between Medio Island and Coco Beach. This site is small and very well protected, and it is made up of rocky corals, fans, sponges and many different kinds of hard and soft corals. This is a really good site for macro photography.

LaLaguna Point (depth 3 to 18 meters). Located close to the white beach of Big Lalaguna. A very nice reef with plate and stag horn corals living in harmony with many species of small fish. Sole fish and stargazers can be seen during night dives.

Sabang Wrecks (depth 18 meters). On a sandy bottom lay the wooden hull of a Vietnamese fishing boat which is covered with aquatic life. You will find yourself surrounded by damsel fish and bigger fish like bat and surgeon fish. Close to the wreck is a steel hull of a 12m sail boat that was submerged by a dive shop to create a new wreck site. Both wrecks are great for night dives.

Shark Caves (depth 25 to 30 meters). The Shark Caves are located east of Escarceo Point. In the first cave at 25m you can find white tip reef sharks resting during daytime. Further down is a second smaller cave where spotted sweet lips and blue spotted rays can be found.

Sinandigan Wall (depth 10 to 30 meters). Located at the southern edge of Escarceo Point. This is a real wall going down to 30 meters with all kinds of corals and at least seven different varieties of nudibranches as well as plenty of larger fish. It is a perfect place for multi-level diving.

Verde Island (depth 5 to 60 meters). This wonderful island is located in the middle of the channel between Luzon and Mindoro. There are many beautiful dive sites around the island. You will find beautiful walls with hard and soft corals, sponges and a rich diversity of fish.

Talipanan Reef (depth 15 to 80 meters). Talipanan Reef is located a 25 minutes boat trip west of Puerto Galera. Here you can discover a pinnacle starting at 15m with a large variety of hard and soft corals and small fish. It drops of to over 80m and different sharks can often be observed during deeper dives.

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