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Dive Courses

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 1 - 4 day(s)
Group Size: 1 - 20 people
Destination: Philippines  
Category: Scuba diving operators
Specialty: Dive boat, Diving instructor, Scuba diving center  
Season: November - May
Min Price: 43 US Dollar (USD) per person
Max Price: 340 US Dollar (USD) per person

Dive Courses

The IAHD trainings are internationally acknowledged and allow you to practice scuba-diving everywhere in the world.
Partners can also become divers by taking a course with Genesis Divers (PADI and/or CMAS) if they are not already divers and take the 2 day course of Dive Partner, which will allow them to join and take care of the disabled divers in a safe and adapted way

Specific diving programs for children (PADI Bubblemaker, from 8 years old) and Nitrox diving are also possible. We teach in English, French and German.

Multilevel training
For the Confined Water Diver, Open Water Diver and Advanced Open Water Diver categories, there are 3 different levels following the diver’s performances and abilities:

Level 1: the candidate has performed all Physical Performance Requirements and demonstrated the ability to provide equal assistance to a fellow diver should a distress situation arise and assistance be required. This candidate may dive with any other certified adult diver.

Level 2: the candidate has successfully performed the Physical Performance Requirements demonstrating the ability of self help in a distress situation. However, the candidate does not have the ability to provide assistance to a fellow diver in a distress situation. Therefore, in order that equal assistance be available to all divers in a distress situation, it is required that this candidate is required to dive with two adult certified divers one of whom has been trained as a Dive Partner or a professional member of the IAHD.

Level 3: the candidate has completed the dive course and has demonstrated the ability to safely use scuba diving equipment underwater. However, the candidate does not have the ability for self help, nor is able to assist a fellow diver in a distress situation. This candidate is required to dive with three adult certified divers, one of whom has been trained as a professional member of the IAHD.

The IAHD formations (from 12 yrs old)

- Scuba Diving Experience Program 75 $
- Repeat the Scuba Diving Experience Program 43 $
- Confined Water Diver 225 $
- CWD to OWD upgrade 130 $
- Open Water Diver (base course) 340 $
- Advanced Open Water Diver 235 $
- Experienced Diver Program 192 $
- Dive Partner (for certified valid divers) 130 $
- Dive Leader 192 $
- Surface Support Specialist Program 60 $
- Emergency First Response (first aid course with Cardio-Pulmonary Reanimation) 90 $

People who were certified divers with an international diving organization before their disability can receive an IAHD certification after meeting the practical and theoretical requirements of their level.

The prices of the courses are all inclusive of equipment rental, tank fillings, boat and administrative fees, taxes and official IAHD certification.

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