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Introductory Kayak Instruction
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Introductory Kayak Instruction

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 5 day(s)
Group Size: 2 - 12 people
Destination: Massachusetts  
Category: Whitewater rafting, canoeing, kayaking outfitters
Specialty: Canoeing, Kayaking, Rafting  
Season: January - December
Min Price: 560 US Dollar (USD) per person
Max Price: 560 US Dollar (USD) per person

Paddling is a lifetime activity. You can start kayaking or canoeing at almost any age, and your progress is limited only by your adventurous spirit. Our paddling instruction program is set up to offer a variety of ways to enter the sport and a number of paths to follow once you are a whitewater kayaker or canoeist.

Not sure what path you want to take with paddling this season? The following classes can help you sort through our many clinic offerings and choose the clinic that will help your kayaking or canoeing skills rocket upwards!

Novice Kayak Clinics

2-day Novice Kayak Clinic - Two-day or three-day novice kayak clinics provide an introduction to kayaking and a solid base from which to move into more advanced kayaking. Spending the first morning in the secure learning environment of a pond, we progress gradually to moving water and finally to class II whitewater. We emphasize fun on the river while teaching proper stroke techniques and responsible whitewater kayaking practices. For novice kayakers and those who have never kayaked whitewater. Our Womens' clinics provide the camaraderie and support of a single-sex learning environment. Over 40 clinics are designed for those who refuse to let age hold them back, and parent/child kayak clinics are a great way for families to spend time together while learning a new sport. They are for children between 10 and 16 and one or both parents. See the kayak clinic dates below to find dates for these special clinics. Cost(Novice I, Novice II): 2 day midweek - $245; 2 day weekend - $275.

3-day Novice Kayak Clinic - Three-day clinics give you more time to spend kayaking on whitewater and honing the skills you learn in the first two days. These clinics get more into surfing in kayaks on mild whitewater and may spend time working on the basics of rolling your kayak. Cost(Novice I, Novice II): 3 day midweek - $365; 3 day weekend - $395.

5-day Intensive Novice Kayak Clinic - This is the perfect course for those who want to get all the way into kayaking in one fell swoop. By the end of the week you may have the opportunity to paddle class III whitewater - and the skills and confidence to enjoy it! We'll start on the Deerfield River learning basic skills on flatwater and class I-II whitewater. As the week progresses, and water levels allow, we'll sample southern New England's summer whitewater. To take this intense course you must be in excellent physical condition and have an aggressive attitude toward learning sports. Some prior kayaking or canoeing experience is helpful, but not necessary. Cost: $560.

Class II Kayak Clinics

2-day Class II Kayak Clinics - in this clinic, we will teach and refine the skills needed to paddle a kayak safely and confidently on class II rivers. Whether your goal is to use class II as a stepping stone to kayaking more difficult whitewater or as a destination in itself, the skills taught in this class, including eddy turns, peel outs, ferries, self rescue and basic surfing, will serve you well. For this clinic you should have spent five to ten days kayaking on whitewater previously. Cost (Novice I, Novice II): 2 day midweek - $245; 2 day weekend - $275.

3-day Class II Kayak Clinics - our three-day Class II Kayak Clinic covers and refines the same basics as the two-day clinic, but goes into more depth on whitewater topics such as surfing, strategies for running rapids and, depending on the group, may cover the basics of kayak rolling. For this clinic you should have spent five to ten days kayaking on whitewater previously. Cost (Novice I, Novice II): 3 day midweek - $365; 3 day weekend $395.

Class III Kayak Clinics

1-day (Zoar Gap Intensive) Kayak Clinic - learn how to break class III whitewater down into smaller, less intimidating chunks and practice planning and executing class III kayak moves consistently. We will stay at Zoar Gap all day and work the rapid hard with a focus on the details of precision kayaking. Cost: $165.

2-day Class III Kayak Clinics - if you've mastered kayaking on class II and are ready for the next challenge, this is the clinic for you. Our class III kayak clinic builds on the basics by refining eddy turns, peel outs and ferries so they work on the more powerful water and smaller eddies found on class II rapids. In addition, we will use surfing waves as a means to cross fast currents and we will work on eddy hopping our kayaks down rapids to scout what’s up ahead. We will spend about a third of this clinic on flatwater, a third on class II whitewater and a third on class III whitewater. Participants must be able to perform eddy turns, peel outs and ferries in a kayak on class II whitewater, roll (>50%) on class II whitewater and effect self rescues. Cost: 2 day midweek - $245, 2 day weekend - $275.

Kids Kayak Clinics

Kids Kayak Craze - Levels One, Two and Three - this one-day clinic offers children ages 10-15 a chance to try whitewater kayaking in a fun learning environment designed for kids. The Level One clinic covers basic paddling and safety techniques with a short run of the river at the end of the day. In the Level Two clinic we refine basic skills and add more river-running instruction, focusing on eddy turns, peel outs, and ferries on class I-II whitewater. Cost: $87.

4-day Kids Kayak Clinic – our 4-day Kids Kayak Clinic is for children who take an aggressive attitude toward sports and want a solid introduction to the sport of whitewater kayaking. In this clinic, we follow a progression from flatwater, where we use a games-based approach to teach the basics of kayaking, to moving water and then on to whitewater. We teach fundamentals including eddy turns, peel outs, ferries and surfing waves. Cost: $345.

Kayak Rolling

This important skill can keep you in your boat and prevent you from swimming as often. It can make you a safer paddler as well as making paddling more enjoyable and less hassle. We offer both winter pool rolling clinics in the Boston area and summer rolling clinics on a pond near the Deerfield River.

Basic Kayak Rolling (1-day) - don't let an inability to roll hold you back! A strong roll makes paddling a joy by lessening the fear and hassle of swimming in whitewater. On these clinics we work on flatwater and on the Deerfield River teaching those without a roll as well as improving the technique of students who already have rolls. Our instructors use a variety of techniques to teach rolling including the C-to-C and modified sweep roll. Cost: $150.

Combat Rolling (1-day) - our Combat Rolling clinics are for paddlers who already have a flatwater roll and are looking to develop their roll on moving water. We start out by critiquing students' flatwater rolls and then work our way up to rolling on easy moving water and ultimately on class II whitewater. Look for classes designated with a "C" after the date in the schedule. These classes start on flatwater and progress to moving water where we work on combat rolling in a real river situation. Cost: $150.

Pool Rolling in Massachusetts - we're offering four weekend sessions this winter only 45 minutes from Boston and 15 minutes from Worcester. We are also offering rolling in Westfield, MA, only 20 minutes from Springfield. Each class is two hours long and we'll have a maximum of 8 students with a 1:4 ratio of instructors to students. The clinics are geared toward beginner to intermediate kayakers, C-1ers, and OC-1ers. During the first half of each class we focus on skills such as strokes, leans, and braces. We work on improving your execution of these basics so that when you put boat to river next spring you'll be ahead of the game. The second half is devoted to rolling. For those who can't roll, we start from scratch, leading you through a logical progression from hip snaps to paddle motions to a full-blown eskimo roll. If you're an experienced roller, you can work on improving your technique, flipping without setting up, and learning an off-side roll, a hand roll, or any other variation of the basic roll. In order to fit into your busy schedule, we have organized the rolling program so you can sign up by 2-night sessions or a la carte. In order to get the most out of your time in the pool, we recommend doing a full session. Each session consists of consecutive Saturdays or Sundays. We suggest you plan to arrive about 20 minutes early to get changed so you'll be ready to begin on time. Cost: $140 per 2-night session or pick any one night for $75.

Freestyle Kayaking

Fundamentals of Freestyle Kayaking - have you ever watched other kayakers surfing waves and holes and squirting and wished you had a coach to help you learn to do these moves yourself? This clinic is held at local playspots such as Hartland Rapid on the Connecticut River and Tariffville Gorge on the Farmington River. Our staff of kayaking professionals will initiate you into the community of the playboating elite. Participants should have a solid class II-III roll and the ability to catch eddies, ferry, and peel out in powerful current. Cost: $145.

Advanced Freestyle Kayaking - learn the whitewater playboating secrets of top freestyle kayakers in this intensive one-day clinic. Moves such as getting the third end of a cartwheel can be a challenge without clear instruction and helpful feedback. In this clinic, we systematically work to help you break through to a higher level of whitewater play. Participants in these clinics should be able to intiate both bow and stern moves and have a solid class III roll. Cost: $145.

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