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High Volume Dove & Quail Hunting in Serbia
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High Volume Dove & Quail Hunting in Serbia

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 3 - 6 day(s)
Group Size: 6 - 10 people
Destination: Serbia  
Category: Hunting outfitters
Specialty: Dove, Duck, Quail  
Season: August - September
Min Price: 220 Euro (EUR) per day
Max Price: 490 Euro (EUR) per day

This is one of the world most challenging high volume dove shooting available. The best period to bring your party to Serbia and shoot high volume doves is late August and early September. We offer during the course of day mainly collared dove mixed with few turtle dove and common dove. This is a fast and exciting shooting in sunflowers and over stubble. The birds are plentiful and there is no need for much cover and decoys.

An average hunter can expect 200-300 cartridges per day with 2-3 cartridges to 1 bird on average. The most challenging of all is African turtle dove and shooting is organised in the evening. It is plenty of fun for all the team and the party has enough time in the morning to try wild quail shooting and in the evening there is an also available high wild duck flight for some of us that are keen on trying everything that is on offer during the season.

European Quail hunting: We organise two walked up drives per day for teams of 6-9 guns. Thus, a total should be around 20-30 birds per gun per day. Morning and evening quail drives are a memorable experience, as you will hunt quail at sunrise and sunset each day to avoid the heat of the day. Morning drive is 70-80% of all daily bags and many groups miss evening drive going instead for high volume dove shooting during afternoon or high wild duck flights in the evening.

Support: Our team provide all sorts of trained dogs for flushing and retrieving the game. If you would like to hire a shotgun during your stay we will provide you with one for 10 Euros per day. If you would like to buy cartridges locally we are happy to assist. Serbian standards require you to use cartridges with pellets up to 2,5mm (UK size 7.5 or 8).

Regulations and Safety: During Quail shooting over pointers the Guns move very slowly in a straight line across the stubble fields. While walking you should check every few seconds to see if you are in line. Once a pointer flushes game, only the gun closest to the dog will be able to fire. Swinging the gun through the line is dangerous and forbidden. Our guides have the right to exclude you from shooting if your behaviour is dangerous to others.

Price per hunter in group of 8 hunters for one day of hunting:
- 280 Euros High Volume Dove and pigeons hunting (200-300 cartridges per afternoon)
- 180 euros High Duck Hunting 30-40 cartridges per evening.

Note: Hunting accommodation with food and transfers is available from 80-150 euros per hunter per day.

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