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New Zealand Hunt (3 Days)
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New Zealand Hunt (3 Days)

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 3 - 5 day(s)
Group Size: 10 - 25 people
Destination: New Zealand  
Category: Hunting outfitters
Specialty: Chamois, Deer, Other big game  
Season: March - August
Min Price: 4500 US Dollar (USD) per person
Max Price: 7500 US Dollar (USD) per person

New Zealand Big Game Animals:
*Sika Deer - Best time to hunt is February through September. The rut runs in April and May. Typical trophy Sika has 8 points (4x4). They are exciting and challenging to hunt.

*Red Stag - Large antlered deer resembling an Elk. Best time to hunt is February through September. The Rut/Roar runs from late March to late April. Typical trophy Red Stag has 12 points (6x6). This is one of the most popular game animals to hunt in the South Pacific.

*Fallow Deer - Smaller than the Red Deer, with flat antlers resembling those of a Moose. The rut runs from early April to late May. Its being an extremely wary animal always makes it a challenge to hunt.

*Rusa Deer - Similar in size to the Red Deer. Best time to hunt is March through December, the rut runs July and August. Typical trophy has 6 points (3x3). Exciting and rewarding to hunt.

*Sambar Deer - Best hunting is April through December. The rut runs July and August. Typical trophy has 6 points (3x3). This is a very large deer, larger than the Red Deer.

*Other Deer Species - Available to hunt are the Wapiti Bull (Elk), as well as the Whitetail Buck.

New Zealand Alpine Animals:
*Himalayan Tahr - Found on the "The Southern Alps". The Rut runs from May though August however for the best hides and neck capes, April through August is the best time. Known as the "King of the Mountain" in the Southern Hemisphere, it is one of the most difficult to hunt and sought after trophy animals in the world.

*Alpine Chamois - Found above the timber line in the steepest terrains and hunted all year round. The rut runs April through June. They are always alert and extremely quick which makes them challenging and exciting game to hunt.

New Zealand Other Game:
*Feral Animals - Also available to hunt are Wild Rams (recognized by Safari Club International as a South Pacific species) which are a great addition to any hunter's collection. The Feral Goats and Billy Goats have great trophy appeal. Popular with bow hunters.

*Wild Boar - A popular game animal and a challenge to hunt. They are often hunted with a bow, or a knife, using trained hunting dogs. Guaranteed to keep your blood flowing!

Prices vary and are subject to change.

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