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Fascinating Israel by Gilad Suffrin
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Fascinating Israel by Gilad Suffrin

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Key Information:
Group Size: 1 - 50 people
Destination: Jerusalem
Season: January - December
Languages: English, Hebrew
Minimum Cost: 340 US Dollar (USD) Per day
Maximum Cost: 570 US Dollar (USD) Per day

There are no ready-made standard tours and packages. Your wishes, desires and fields of interest will not be considered standard, so they will be very carefully taken care of – to initiate a tailor-made program. Your tailored program will take into account all essential factors, such as: budget, children, weather, light hours, driving distances, physical limitations, and so on.

Tour Samples

Option 1: Upper Galilee Site.

Places of Interest:
- Rosh Hanikra: Visit the enormous white cliff at Rosh Hanikra beach and wander through its natural caves dug by the sea and into which the sea waves break in frightening thunder. Get on top of the cliff by cable car and enjoy the beautiful landscape of the northern Galilee.
- Akko (Acre): Walk on the pictorial city walls and roam through the streets, market, castle remains, ancient inns, mosques and port of ancient Akko (Acre), the crusader capital of the 13th century.
- Bar ‘am: Reveal 1600 year old remains of Jewish villages and synagogues, like Horvath Den'ila or Bar ‘am hidden in the bush, and find out about their way of living.
- Montfort: Hike to the beautiful springs and natural forest of Nahal Kziv and visit Montfort, the German crusader stronghold of the 13th century, now hidden in the forest.
- Tzfat (Safed): Enjoy the beauty, good air and enchanting tales of the mysterious Kabalistic town Tzfat (Safed) with its unique synagogues and beautiful artist quarter.
- Hula: Watch the bird migration in the Hula nature reserve, where some 500 million birds pass twice a year on their way to Africa and back to Europe (spring and autumn).
- City of Dan: Walk by one of the largest springs in the world and the main source of the Jordan River and visit the ancient city of Dan, the capital of Dan tribe, from the time of King Solomon and the Kingdom of Israel (10th - 8th centuries B.C.E).

Option 2: Golan Heights.

Places of Interest:
- Banias (Caesarea Philippi): Visit Banias (Caesarea Philippi), where St. Peter received from Christ the keys to the kingdom of heaven.
- Mount Hermon: Go through the Druze villages near Mount Hermon and learn about their unique tradition. Take the beautiful view of the Golan Heights and Syria from top of one of the many volcanoes (inactive now) and understand our problems with Syria since the 1920's.
- Gamla Canyon: Watch how mighty vultures glide gently through Gamla Canyon, look at the ancient Jewish town of Gamla and hear of its desperate heroic struggle against the Romans at 67 C.E
- Village of Qatzrin: Visit the Talmudic 4th century village of Qatzrin, its lovely museum and modern winey and mineral water plant. Watch the Sea of Galilee from an extraordinary point of view on top of the plataeu and descend to the famous (since 2nd century) thermal baths of Hammat Gader.

Option 3: Lower Galilee, Valleys and Mount Carmel.

From Nazareth through Cana of Galilee to the Sea of Galilee visit the sites: Mount of Beatitudes, Tabgha, Capernaum, Bethsaida and Kursi. Have a breathtaking view of the Sea of Galilee from top of the mighty Arbel cliff, in which caves the zealots who fought King Herod took shelter. Look at Hittin, where a whole crusader army was destroyed in a single battle. In Tiberias, the main town of the area, see the graves of Rambam (Maimonides) and other famous Jewish scholars and the remains of the ancient town.

Places of Interest:
- Mount Tabor: place of battle between Deborah the prophet and the Canaanites also place of Jesus' transfiguration.
- Ein Harod: the spring by which Gideon the judge chose his 300 warriors.
- Mount Carmel and the fight of Elijah the prophet against the false Baal prophets.
- Bahai gardens: Walk through the outstanding Bahai gardens in Haifa, take the beautiful panorama of Haifa bay and take a stroll through the pine woods of Mount Carmel.
- Tzippori (Sepphoris): Visit the magnificent remains of the rich town Tzippori (Sepphoris), residence of the Mishna scholars (200 C.E.), have the view of the entire lower Galilee from the top of its fortress and be impressed by remarkably artistic mosaic floors. Also tour the astonishing Jewish necropolis at nearby Beit She'arim, where these scholars found their final rest.
- Beit She'an: Witness the frightening powers of Mother Earth in Beit She'an, a major Roman/Byzantine city which collapsed and perished in the great earthquake of 749 C.E. Watch its finely restored streets, temples, markets, baths and amusement facilities. Visit nearby crusader castle Belvoir with its unique view over the entire Jordan valley.

Option 4: Coastal Plain.

Places of Interest:
- Caesarea Maritima: Visit the magnificent remains of Caesarea Maritima – the city built by Herod the Great with one of the biggest ports in the Mediterranean. See the glory of the city in virtual shows and in the remains of the horse race stadium, theatre, Herod's palace on the beach and the aqueducts on arches.
- Ashkelon: Go through the Canaanite, Philistine, Phoenician, Roman, Crusader beach town of Ashkelon. Admire its beautiful park, lovely seaside and rich antiquities.
- Yaffo (Jaffa, Joppa): Tour the alleys of ancient Yaffo (Jaffa, Joppa), a town built of sandstone, see its lovely art galleries, walk down to the port where Andromeda was saved by Perseus and watch the fishermen sail away in the evening.
- Tel Aviv: Enjoy the city life of industrious restless Tel Aviv with its various museums, cafes, restaurants, tourist sites, and above all, the public beach and the beach promenade.

Option 5: Judea Tours.

Learn about the bitter end of a small Jewish community at Horvath Itri in the desperate Bar Kochva revolt (132 C.E.) and make your way through the refuge tunnels dug in the rock by his warriors at Amatzya. Be intoxicated by the colors and smells of the rich spring (February – March only) flower blossom. Visit the lowlands to enjoy the red carpets of anemones, the indigo fields of the wild lupine, the pink clusters of cyclamen and the orange prairies of chrysanthemums.

Places of Interest:
- Tomb of Samuel: Follow the Tomb of Samuel to Ajalon Valley where Joshua halted the sun, to Beit Shemesh and Tzora where Samson fought the lion and to the battlefield of David and Goliath in Elah Valley.
- Caves of Maresha: Wander through the underground mysterious man-made caves of Maresha and see in the wall painting of a burial cave the unusual mixture of cultures in the ancient community of the city. Continue to nearby Beit Guvrin, once the roman city with well preserved amphitheater and remains of a crusader castle.
- Judean Desert: Hike in the backyard desert of Jerusalem – the Judean desert. Walk through the oasis of Ein Gedi, take a shower in the waterfalls and look for the wild ibexes and hyraxes. Climb up to the hidden spring, trace the 6th century Jewish community and explore its synagogue with marvelous mosaic floor.
- Dead Sea: Try the unusual experience of floating on the heaviest water on earth at the Dead Sea, apply black therapeutic mud to your skin and relax yourself in warm thermo-mineral spring water.
- Qumran: In Qumran, find out about one of the earliest communities of hermits, Jews of second temple time, who retreated into the desert to live a pure and simple life. See the places they lived in, their baptismal sites and habits and hear about the astonishing writings they left us.
- Masada: Find out about facts, myths and symbols concerning the famous fight of a bunch of Jewish zealots against masses of roman soldiers over the mighty cliff of Masada, towering over the Dead Sea. After climbing up the cliff (by cable car or on foot) learn also for whom the outstanding hanging palaces, baths, huge cisterns, enormous storehouses and other facilities were built and for what purpose.

Option 6: Negev Desert.

Places of Interest:
- Spice Route: Solve the mystery of the Nabateans – the ancient Bedouins who knew how to cope with desert hardships along the Spice Route. See their desert cities – Mamshit or Avdat and learn about their unique ability to adapt their way of living to the changing circumstances. Be a guest of modern Bedouins and compare their way of dealing with a changing world.
- Machtesh (crater): Witness and observe a worldwide unique geological phenomenon, the machtesh (crater), dug by nature deep into levels of white limestone and colorful sandstone. Visit one of the 3 machteshim and enjoy the vastness, open space and beautiful landscapes of the southern wilderness.
- Timna Valley: In Timna Valley you will go through an interesting geological museum made of white limestone levels, black granite rocks and red sandstone natural sculptures. See also the ancient Egyptian industry of copper production and their shrine for goddess Hathor.
- Judean and Negev Desert: More challenging hikes in the Judean and negev Desert gorges and canyons can be arranged according to your wishes and specifications.

Notes: 340$ for a full walking tour day or guiding in your vehicle. 530$ per day including a tourism vehicle (6-7 seater) and $570 for a 10 seater. Price includes guiding, vehicle, gas, overmilage (for 2 consecutive days and more) and no limitation of working hours. Note that in Jerusalem most of the tours are walking tours near the old city and there is no need for a vehicle.

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