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Youth Leadership

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Key Information:
Class Size: 10 - 14 people
Destination: Nunavut  
Category: Sport Camps
Specialty: Kayaking, Other  
Season: August
Courses Per Year: 1
Course Level: Beginner
Min Price: 7000 Canadian Dollar (CAD) per person
Max Price: 7000 Canadian Dollar (CAD) per person

Based at Wilderness Lodge on Somerset Island, the Youth Leadership program is designed for young adults or teenagers ages 16 to 19 years. This fourteen-day program includes nine days of arctic travel. Concepts of leadership, self esteem development, responsibility and teamwork will be integrated with a step-by-step process to allow participants to apply the concepts. The first three days will be spent at base camp to give our young leaders the specific technical training and preparation they will need in the field. Nine days and seven nights will be spend out, at full autonomy in small groups.

The land, the wildlife, weather conditions and the remoteness of the Lodge on Somerset Island is the perfect environment to take our young leaders out of their comfort zone. The course will tax their personal resources and stretch their skills, they will emerge physically and mentally stronger, with increased mastery of expedition skills. They will also gain an appreciation of a unique and quickly changing environment – the High Arctic. Each session will include specific and general goals on all concepts of leadership and achievement. Course leaders will deal with conflict resolution, leadership styles, adolescent skills and wilderness ethics.

Sample Itinerary:

Day 1, Aug 6: Morning departure from Yellowknife on a private chartered plane. Afternoon arrival, transfer to lodge by foot and raft, introductions, meet program staff and dinner.

Day 2, Aug 7: Basic Skills. Youth Leaders spend as orientation day, learning how an eco-lodge functions, familiarizing themselves with necessary equipment for the week. The will learn to drive an ATV, paddle a sea kayak and hike near the area. They will design and prepare the menu / food for the up coming treks. They will work in teams.

Day 3, Aug 8: Plan and Prepare First Trip. Youth leaders will continue with basic skills and preparation of food and equipment for the first trip.

Day 4, Aug 9: Travel inland. The teams drive by Unimog to the Kayak Put-In about 13 kilometers from, then continue and other 15 kilometers up river on foot. They camp on the banks of the Cunningham River. This region is prime musk ox grazing grounds. As well, falcons nest in the cliffs.

Day 5, Aug 10: Raft back to the camp. The Young Leaders will pump up their rafts, put them in the water and paddle back down the river. The Cunningham goes through a canyon up to 1000 feet deep.

Day 6, Aug 11: Debrief

Day 7, Aug 12: Preparation for Second Trip Young Leaders are split into two groups. They prepare food and equipment for the next adventure

Day 8, Aug 13: Depart for Second Trip
- Group #1 Departs by sea kayak; sea kayaks go around Cunningham Inlet visit Flatrock Falls, a Dorset camp, a Thule house, (archeological sites). Kayaks camp on Peninsula in Cunningham Inlet
- Group # 2 Departs by ATV; drives to Inukshuk lake enroute they look for muskox, snowy owls and foxes. ATV group camp on Inukshuk Lake.

Day 9, Aug 14:
- Group #1 Kayaks out of Cunningham Inlet, turns east along the coast of Somerset Island. Kayakers look for polar bear and visit ancient camp sites. The group camps on the shore.
- Group #2 Leaves their ATVs and start walking. They go overland to Irvine Bay. This place is a prime nesting spot for many birds. They can fish in the lake. They camp beside the lake.

Day 10, Aug 15:
- Group #1 Continues their kayak journey along coast of Somerset Island.
- Group #2 Hikes over a big headland and down to the coast of Somerset Island. The two groups meet and camp together.

Day 11, Aug 16: Groups switch modes of travel
- Group #1 Starts hiking to Irvine Bay and camps at the lake.
- Group #2 Embarks in the kayaks and starts paddling along the coast of Somerset Island

Day 12, Aug 17:
- Group #1 Hikes to Inukshuk Lake and camps.
- Group #2 Kayakers make it almost to Cunningham Inlet. They camp on the coast of the island.

Day 13, Aug 18:
- Group #1 Picks up the ATVs and heads back to Lodge.
- Group #2 Kayakers paddle back to Lodge.

Day 14, Aug 19: Debriefing. Group evaluation, self evaluation and setting personal goals. Overnight lodge.

Day 15, Aug 20: Departure. Afternoon departure from camp and evening arrival in Yellowknife, NT

Faculty Information:
Our Lodge is run by Richard Weber and Josee Auclair. Richard and Josee are world leaders in polar travel. They have spent 20 years traveling in the arctic, 10 years operating the Lodge. RIchard has trekked to the North Pole more than anyone in history. The course coordinator is a professional in this particular field of outdoor education.

Other Activities:
During the course participants will see muskox, polar bears, beluga whales and other arctic wildlife. participants work with scientists, experts and an Inuit elder. This unique course is offered once per year.

Facility Information:
The Wilderness Lodge is a unique facility located in the High Arctic on Somerset Island in Nunavut, Canada. Access to the lodge is by private plane and a 900 mile (1500 km) flight from Yellowknife, NWT. The lodge has full facilites. As well all the equipment for the program; sea kayaks, camping gear, ATVs, and rafts.

Price Includes:
- Transportation by private plane
- Accommodation at the Lodge
- Food
- Camping gear
- Instruction.

Price Excludes:
- Hotel in Yellowknife
- Personal clothing.

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