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Home » Articles » Destinations » Europe » New Year's Eve in Helsinki
New Year's Eve in Helsinki
Submitted by flock1 on 2008-02-11 09:41:27 (via
So what exactly is New Year's Eve like in the Finnish Capital? And just how cold was it? And what can be seen around and about in the city?
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-02-19 03:17:50
okay, that was pretty much what helsinki is like. but that was the good things. and i was suprised to read that you didn't see any drunk people. cos even though i like helsinki ALOT and i'm there pretty much once a month, i can tell you that there is some drunk people. i mean i see them all the time. like if i'm waiting for a bus in helsinki, there ALWAYS comes a drunk person and talks something stupid.. and anyways, there are drunks ALL around helsinki!! so i don't see why you said there isn't any drunks.. and on new years, yeah i'd think then would be the time when there are more people drunk.. and this winter or what's gone now of it, i can tell you it hasn't been so cold. a few cold days, but now for the past week or two it's been sunny! and i'm very happy. cos i can tell you I HATE the dark!! everyone is so down and nobody's really happy. so now that it's almost march it's sunny and nice. but we haven't had much snow which is a pity, cos usually we have maybe from half a meter to a meter.!!! now the most we've had is like 20cm!!! and i really disagree that people here are NICE!! like i've lived in america, and those people are nice, but here, no nobody say's "hi" and doesn't even smile. everybody is so MEAN!! i've tryed to smile at people, sometimes they smile back, but hardly EVER!!! but anyways, Helsinki is a wonderful place, it's nicer in the summer. and also other places that i recomend are PORVOO, TAMPERE, and in the winter if you like skiing, snowboarding or something, go to ROVANIEMI or LAPPI! in ROVANIEMI there is this place named LEVI, and it's probably the most famous and best skiing and snowboarding place in finland. and in ROVANIEMI you can go see santa clauses workshop.. oh and speaking about santa clause, i think that santa was made up by swedes and i'm positive that elves were made up by a finnish person.!!! but i suggest that you should visit Finland, it's different and nice... so please come, i'd think everyone might enjoy it, it's a change though. and i prefer usa to finland, but it's still nice here

love: Laura
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-02-20 08:14:45
I'm a Finn and I've lived most of my life in Helsinki. I would say that the article was pretty accurate. It is true that in winter the sun stays up for just a few hours, and besides, the sky is often cloudy, so winters tend to be quite gloomy and depressing. It is also true that Helsinki is a pretty safe and quiet city. I was surprised, though, to read that the author hadn't seen any drunks, 'cause there are loads of them in Helsinki. But all in all the article was very accurate.
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Submitted by Kutoja1987 on 2008-08-11 09:39:49
Seems about right - except for the lack of drunk sightings: they're everywhere. Try the little square above the Sörnäinen metro station (beside the grocery shop)if you want to see drunks, drug dealers, etc. on any given day of the week (or year). Believe me, I lived just up the hill (Torkkelinmäki) from there for the first five years of my life!

As for the cold weather, I'd recommend visiting Finland in the summer - especially after midsummer. Almost ever place of interest is open every day during the summer (for a couple of hours at least), and unless we're having a very bad year, the temperatures ought to be around 20 degrees above Celsius (or more). Anything above +25 C is considered to be a heat wave in Finland.
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Submitted by roxy on 2008-08-12 09:31:22
Oh i see you are from Finland! as far as I know the nature overthere is very very beautiful.Are there any places close to Helsinki one can visit in order to enjoy the view(i mean nature)?
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