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Home » Articles » Destinations » Europe » Sofia, Bulgaria - Surprisingly Good!
Sofia, Bulgaria - Surprisingly Good!
Submitted by flock1 on 2008-02-17 11:47:46 (via
Taxi hounds, beautiful architecture, cheap beer, cyrillic letters and juicy melons. Two days in the Bulgarian capital!
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-02-20 10:37:37
I am a Bulgarian and I have been stitched up regarding taxis; there is a good company called OK Taxi and they are safe to use. Before getting into any taxi, take a look at the tariff; there is a piece of paper on the windshield.
Sofia is not Bulgaria and you visited in the holiday months when people usually leave the place for as long as they can.
If you had made the effort to learn to read our alphabet, things would not have been so hard for you.
Your head seems full of spies and Kremlin and the "Soviets". How sad.
If that custom's officer decided she liked her hair, who are you to judge?
Drop the superiority attitude and you may like us even more. And, yes, learn some Bulgarian, too.
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-02-22 12:44:26
Hi everyone. My name is Dobromira. I live in Varna, but I often visit Sofia. I would like to say that a friend visited me last year and I went to Sofia airport to meet him. We took a taxi to the but terminal. Guess what the guy said that the tarrif is 30 bgn to get there. That is a rip off. So ask the price before you get in.
Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-02-21 07:44:22
Dear friends...
Please be careful when you come to Bulgaria!
Please guard your cards

Debit and credit card use is on the up in Bulgaria and ATMs, the cash-point machines first introduced some 20 years ago, are everywhere these days. This is exactly what some criminals are banking on. To avoid getting ripped off, you should not only take the conventional precautions associated with withdrawing money from a machine, but also be aware of the popular and often rather sophisticated scams that are operating.

Fraudsters generally target ATMs outside banks, stores and gas stations to avoid security guards and cameras. They favour older machines, which don't have cameras, and concentrate on cities and resorts frequented by tourists.

Scams are becoming more and more advanced.
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-02-21 16:12:38
i ve read the two comments. I m a bulgraian and live in sofia. I won`t comment the first comment.
Regarding the second if there were so many frauds with ATM machines here we will know that and i hear this for the very first time. I use myself ATMs every day and night and a lot of bulgarians too. If there were organized ciminal bands here we should have heard about that.
Of course everyone must be cautious when he is using ATMs.
This rumour that Bulgaria is very dangerous country is very untruthful. If you are cautious as everywhere nothing can happen to you.
YES, not everything is explained everywhere on big boards but this is a country for smart people.
Don`t be afraid to come here;]
I m sure u will like it.
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