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Home » Articles » Destinations » Asia » My trip to Japan
My trip to Japan
Submitted by Adele on 2006-12-08 01:08:06 (via
This is a great trip to follow on with this people as they move from one place to another from the moment they left home to the moment then came back. I can’t explain how, but as I read it at my own pace, it felt as if I was there traveling along. Also, at the end there is a list of recommendations and unusual things to expect. Japan sounds cool!
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Submitted by cody_carlson on 2007-11-26 16:45:12
Good submission!

Photos show the real cities of Japan. One of the many charms in Japan is the 'new' and 'old' together. Buildings nearly falling over in disrepair next to the newest pachinko parlor.

My experience in Japanese restaurants has been that there are as many different cuisines available as you'd find in, say, California. Where I live there are actually many more Chinese restaurants than Japanese!

Japanese food: You will find vegetables here that are VERY rare if nonexistent in the States. Keep in mind if you see something that LOOKS like a pickle, it will most likely taste nothing like a pickle, etc. A very Douglas Adams sort of experience. Also, fresh produce in Japan is often fertilized with human waste. While not as common a practice as it used to be, it's still practiced. Obviously, unwashed veggies of this sort can pose a health risk. Be warned.

Tipping in Japan is not simply uncustomary, it's OFFENSIVE in this culture! To tip in Japan is to feel pity for the recipient. It's like saying, "You poor thing! Here, have some money so maybe you can eat tonight, it's unfortunate you're not rich like me!" If you want to make an appreciative gesture, do it verbally.

If you want to make a trip out to Japan and are a product of Western society, then read, read, read, about Japanese culture before arriving.
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-11-27 05:01:45
As far as the info on Nara goes, there were couple of minor details off, possibly just typos, but it's mostly on target. All-you-can-eat deals do sometimes quote different prices for men and women, as do night clubs, etc. Tipping is generally not necessary, but you can tell taxi drivers that you don't need the change and they won't be insulted. It should be a small amount though -- big tips are not customary.

The conveyor belt sushi shops are called KAI-TEN-SUSHI, and yes, they are noted for their low-price-low-quality sushi.

It's too bad the write only got to spend one day in Nara, because it is vastly richer than that -- but if there's only one high point you can hit, then yes, the Great Buddha at Todai-ji is definitely it.

One thing about sightseeing in Japan is that it can get heavy on the temples and shrines. Unless you're already very knowledgeable and have a cultivated appreciation for them, it can start feeling like overkill pretty quickly.
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