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Home » Articles » Destinations » Asia » A kind of third-world New-York
A kind of third-world New-York
Submitted by BigFatRat on 2008-03-01 07:58:05 (via
When I got off the train in Mumbai at the old Victoria Terminus I was already 4 weeks in my Indian vacation and hating most of it, especially the cities. But then, something happened...
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-03-04 02:09:26
I happen to live in Mumbai, just got here 2 months ago and would be here for the next 3 years.
I've seen quite a lot in these past 2 months, and i cannot agree more to the blogger. A friend said to me, that if you want to see the true gap between the rich and the poor, you should come to India. This i see in Mumbai. At one area called Nariman Point, you would see lots of tall buildings where business meets, just imagine little Manhattan transfered to India. Yet not far from there, slums are just everywhere. If you're "lucky" enough, you would see people literally take a shit on the street(excuse the language :) ).
You are so right saying that property rent is rocketing. A small 1 bed room flat cost me 1200 US$ in the suburb of Mumbai!
One thing you would hate from the city is the traffic..and the dust... Some said Indians are tricky in business and promises. Well, we cannot make such kind of generalization right? but so far, it's happening to me hahaha.
So this new book coming, Doing Business in India for Dummies, is worth reading ;p
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-03-07 01:57:41
Mumbai..... called by so many names "aamchi mumbai", "maya nagari" etc. etc. here u will get everything.. Life is like a train which runs at high speed... everyone busy in himself but when time comes for celebrations its like a big family... everybody enjoying all the festivals .... Mumbai Local Trains life line of Mumbai..... BEST Buses Nerves of Mumbai.... Whenever u come to Mumbai .. dont forget to travel in Trains once.....
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