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Home » Articles » Activities » Eat a camel?
Eat a camel?
Submitted by bindero on 2006-12-11 23:41:29 (via
I’m pretty gutsy by nature, but I’d need some good thinking before trying… camel meat. This article tries to point out camel meat is very eatable, despite the many myths regarding its salty and strong taste. Still, most expatriates are curious about camel meat but only a few ever try it. That sounds fair to me! ;)
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Submitted by cleo on 2006-12-12 04:32:37
I've tried frog meat, and I don't live in one of those countries where they eat it. So, I think I wouldn't have a problem at least trying a camel;] Ihave a feeling it tastes like sheep meat or lamb, ok, ok.

As about the smell, I learned to love that aroma, since I slept for a week with my head on a skirt on which a goat gave birth, 'cmon! I didn't know that!
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Submitted by roxy on 2006-12-13 01:20:45
Camel meat? Maybe I'd do what most expats do : stay curious about it. :) I liked the article though, I can't believe they actually imported camel meat from Pakistan because of the big demand. And now what? Everyone's eating burgers? Maybe someone should invent some sort of Camel Burger. That's what's missing!
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