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Home » Articles » Destinations » South America » The Land That I'll Forget
The Land That I'll Forget
Submitted by bindero on 2008-03-31 10:36:13 (via
It's interesting how critical reviews can enhance one's desire to visit a place and get a personal opinion on it. Even if you have already visited it. The same has happened to me with this article. If not for other features, Uruguay does impress in terms of people. Try it yourself and see if it works!
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-03-31 17:50:54
I have to say that in all my trips to Uruguay, I have never heard an 'American' traveller so demean the culture there after so limited an experience. Thank you for giving 'Americans' a good name. By the way Colonia is on the Rio De La Plata not the Atlantic Ocean, and Oriental refers to the location of the country being to the East of the Uruguay river-- not the historic ancestory of the inhabitants.
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Submitted by uspn on 2008-04-01 14:30:58
Awww... Come on! It's a quick travel report written by someone (well, actually by me) who obviously didn't take the time to see the country properly. The purpose of the article wasn't to judge the places or the local culture mentioned in a fair manner, but to give my readers an account of how I spent my too few days there, hopefully in an entertaining way. AND the trip took place almost ten years ago. Clearly things may have changed quite a bit since then.

Besides, when I read the article now, I think I put forward a lot of good qualities of the two places visited, and it really makes me want to go back some day. I have nice memories from Colonia, and although Montevideo may have disappointed me as a tourist destination, it certainly has some intriguing sides to it.

Please note that when I visited I spoke no Spanish, which is a severe handicap in South America when you want to make sense of what you see. Since then I have spent much time in South America, so that now I have a good grasp of both Spanish and Portuguese. I'm sure another visit would turn out quite differently.

Anyway, you say that my article makes you want to go there. I'm quite happy about that, even if you go there just to prove me wrong. #8D)
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Submitted by gaston on 2008-04-02 16:46:29
awww..i have no idea who wrote that but he couldnt have an opnion of uruguay without visiting it most beautiful places..That guy was only in colonia n montevideo.
I know montevideo is not that great but is more beautiful,safer and better than the rest of the south american capitals..
n u should visit punta del este..its the most visited city of south america,n its the termas,punta del diablo, cabo polonio which is a lovely town next to the beach ..the thing is that u cant go there by car cos its far away from the motorway so u r like part of the nature..
Another great thing is uruguayan people,they love foreigners,they r friendly n they would always help u..
Ive been in every country in south america and if i had to choose i would choose uruguay always
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Submitted by equimen on 2008-04-14 15:55:14
Well, first of all, your first mistake was to say that there are no people unemployed. That is the wrongest thing that a person could say. One of the most important concerns in Uruguay is unemployment, so check better next time ;)
I was born in Uruguay and lived in Montevideo for about 12 years. Then. i moved to Punta del Este, the most beautiful place you will ever visit...and now im here in USA haha.

Then this: "I shall think they must all be very industrious and efficient carreer women, being able to afford such extensive marketing departments."
OMG, first, they probably arent industrious and efficient; second, they probably cant afford anything.
Also, those people in carriages and horses, are burglars who dont have any money to live so they look for food and things to sell in garbage :D
If you did not visit Punta del Este, you didnt visit Uruguay...^^
OK thats all, just wanted to say that Punta del Este is a great place to live in when you retire, biut watch out with robbers because they are watching...
I can say that, because they stole us a Brand New Mitsubishi L200 Truck from us :D
bye by
  |   reply 
Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-06-07 09:07:05
Ok First of all he/she did this all wrong IT did not organise their trip. It did not go to any of the numerous beautifull places it has to offer. I was born there and raised and now living in australia.
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