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Home » Articles » Destinations » Europe » Berlin
Submitted by guided on 2006-12-16 01:25:46 (via
Rain crashed on the tin roof of a small caravan dispensing draught beer. Claire and I huddled beneath it, sipping Becks from refundable plastic cups. Dance music thumped from neat piles of speakers lining both sides of Strasse des 17 Juni, played by DJs now frantically trying to cover their equipment.
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Submitted by Adele on 2006-12-19 02:09:56
This article almost got me crying - I think that's why I don't like movies about the war or reading about it. The cruelty with which the freedom of man was invaded indignates me to tears.

I liked the way Berlin is described here - just as it is, no exageration to better or worse
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Submitted by lisa on 2008-08-19 08:25:21
when I was a little girl, I visited Western Berlin. I wasn't there for a long time, since 1980s. Is Eastern Berlin any different now, I mean does its appearance still preserve any communist influence?
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-08-19 10:37:25
eastern berlin is hugely different nowadays. most of the old houses were renovated, a lot of streetlife and culture and subculture is going on there, especially because the rents are still very cheap compared to the rest of european capitals. that's also why a lot of international artists and creative people moved to berlin, especially the east. still they tried to keep all the communistic monuments etc. which creats an interesting contrast due to the new life and freedom there today. the city is also very liberal, alot of clubs are placed in wastern berlin and in summer there are open air parties nearly every weekend, sometimes even during the week. and if you like eating, there are few places where you can eats as good and cheap as in the central eastern quarters. in gerneral berlin has a lot of facettes today, and everywhere you can smell the scent of freedom, in a city that always changes.

if you wanna see some pictures, google images for "friedrichshain" or "prenzlauer berg", that's the two most interesting quarters to visit.

greetz from berlin
Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-08-19 10:14:16
as a berlin inhabitant…

very well written, but it seems like you didn’t really visit the city at all. the real berlin (and unfortunately that’s what most tourists miss when they only stay for a week or, even worse, just a weekend) is so much more than just important and meaningful history. it’s also one of the most international, open minded and culturally active cities in europe, if not the world - somehow comparable to new york, but also very different. if you’re interested in arts, music or just life in general…i can just tell anyone reading this to stay for at least a month, because this city has so much to offer, and most likely you won’t leave at all. but if you have to, it will stay in your heart forever and you will return, for sure.
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Submitted by bindero on 2008-08-20 07:37:47
hey, guys.
of course Berlin has changed a lot. But what interests me most is whether it is just as expensive as any other European cities, more popular as tourist destinations ( Paris, Rome etc).
Is there any possibility to visit Berlin as a budget traveler?
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Submitted by MoonWolf on 2008-08-20 15:08:53
Hi. Rear one, I closes means both predecessors on. There is some new old again and again to see still in Berlin (east or west). That arranges itself in my opinion also always the customs or also the time which can be spent on it. In any case an attendance in Friedrichshain “Prenzlauer mountain”, “Treptow Köpenick”, “Mitte” (with attendance of the museums and objects of interest of Berlin) should not be missing. Also one should visit the local taverns in these quarters with their typical flair then already times.

Greets from Berlin
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