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Home » Articles » Destinations » Asia » Splendour of the Far East:The Philippines
Splendour of the Far East:The Philippines
Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-07-06 19:54:13 (via
This is really a nostalgic, great article and photos, I've read about the Philippine Islands-Sandra
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Submitted by jcdemetillo on 2008-07-10 08:40:25
Philippines is the most beautiful country especially in tourist spots
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-07-10 21:09:09

Thanks for posting your coment about the article. Philippines is really a pearl.

The Author
Submitted by asiaroyaltours on 2008-07-11 12:31:59
7, 100 Islands they say, but for me...its not just about the island but its like exploring different country within a country.

Our unique regionalistic culture create more appeal. Even local Filipinos get amazed over their neighbors region cultures. A boom for local tourism.
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-07-25 22:45:07
yes, indeed, it is!
Submitted by jaesa on 2008-07-17 08:12:19
From city to city,
Seven thousand and a hundred plus islas
Sa mahal kong Pilipinas
Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao ating puntahan.
Huwag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan!

Halika, biyahe tayo
Nang ating makita
Ang ganda ng Pilipinas
Ang galing ng Pilipino.

Halika, biyahe tayo...
WOW Philippines...
  |   reply 
Submitted by jaesa on 2008-07-17 08:17:47

pilipinas in tagalog, got its name by a spaniard (which i forgot the name) in honor to King Phillip of Spain...

Philippines have been under the spaniards for 300 years...and been in the hand of americans and the japanese thats why philippines has different types of rituals cultures and believes...

welll... thats just a sneak peak about my country's history...
  |   reply 
Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-07-25 22:43:54
very nice article and photos! carpie diem
  |   reply 
Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-07-25 23:29:39
wonderful festivals! It feels like I gonna go in these islands!
  |   reply 
Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-11-03 02:52:05
It's really a great travel article
  |   reply 
Submitted by Anonymous on 2009-09-02 02:00:05

IT'S THE BEST!!!i luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv this article...wonderful festivals!!!it's really a great travel article......thumbs up!!!5/5 stars!!!keep up the good work!!

to the best author...
  |   reply 
Submitted by Tomgets on 2009-09-21 05:44:24
Fantastic Article about Phillipines
  |   reply 
Submitted by Anonymous on 2010-02-17 03:40:50
This Article really caught my interest! I'd like to find more about this place. Would that be possible ;)
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