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Home » Articles » Destinations » South America » Our dream trip:Brazil
Our dream trip:Brazil
Submitted by lisa on 2008-08-06 08:36:37 (via
Brazil - a country of contrasts! Big, noisy cities alternate with small and quite villages. You can find everything you want here: from historical places to crazy adventures. I wish i had the chance to visit it one day...Check it out by yourselves!
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-08-07 10:13:33
i was in brazil for 2 wks in july 2008 just out side salvador it was amazing took a trip down to rio for a few days was outta this world i would advise if anyone going to go to rio i had a fab time
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-08-07 11:37:25
I am Brazilian and I can say that Brazil is really a place where you can find everything you want here. You can travel around the country and spend your time in 5 stars resorts just enjoying the view or you can do as Tati and Mathias, visit the country with your backpack and choosing little charming towns, doing a lot of walk and enjoying every minute of it.
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-08-08 04:19:08
very nice ur article :D
i am from brazil, i am ricardo, and actually i am in new zealand over year, and next year goin to australia, that is a few of brazil, u can see much more, i come from south brazil, u missed alot!!! u should visit our south brazil its amazing, beautiful place!! u could c a lil bit of the diferences of the poor and rich, u know how is diferent frm the others countrys now, anyway, it has very good things to c, beautiful culture, nice places, where u wont c in anywhere else! and the happyness of the lil things what the brazilians have!! u should also go to brasil in the CARNAVAL! the biggest party in brasil thats amazing, that for sure anybody which goes there will enjoy in FULLLLLLLLLL TIME!!!
anything else any information or question or whatever anybody can get my contact,, find me in by this email... or even messenger! well done :) guys
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-08-08 09:40:35
Hi! My name is Samantha and I am Brazilian. Brazil is a large country and in each state has a history, different places to visit and most of the time a different culture from other state.
Taking the places that Tati and Mathias had visited in Brazil, Salvador are completly different from São Paulo that is different from Rio de Janeiro.
Salvador was the first capital of the country. The first place the Portugueses put their feet were in Bahia. White people is really minory there due to their history (first capital, a lot of slaves lived there and miscegenation between portugueses and africans). I had lived there for 2 years and I miss their warm way, their friendly way, their happiness.
São Paulo has been my city for more than 14 years (I moved to here to attend the college and I had never lived this city) and this is the largest city from Brazil. A place where you can find anything and anyone. THe good jobs are here so a lot of people move to São Paulo due to it. Unfortunately it brings the contrast. Poor people living in bad conditions in one side and amazing big houses in the other side.
Rio de Janeiro is moved by the tourism. Unfortunately the war between drug dealers and police makes that "Wounderful city" not so wounderful at all.
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