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Home » Articles » Destinations » Middle East » Through the Looking Glass
Through the Looking Glass
Submitted by Laurentzi on 2006-12-29 03:08:50 (via
Wow, this is a great article on Kuwait. It’s so interesting: all these things about this little country. For someone curious about it or thinking to travel to this country you must read it. Even if you don’t plan on going there, still read it. I promise you will enjoy it a lot.
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Submitted by Patrick on 2007-08-28 07:47:42
I'll try to be as objective as possible...
I've been living in Kuwait for 2 years now and the only thing I can think of right now is when do I join my family in the US. That might have to do with the fact that I just came back from my vacation.
My guess is the author of the article (Pradeep Selvakumar) missed a lot in Kuwait.
Granted that it is an oil rich country in which Kuwaitis mainly rely on expats to do their work, overyone drives as if they owned the road, and the weather is extremely HOT reaching (and I saw that with my own eyes once) to 62degrees C or 143 Degrees F.
There's everything in Kuwait: from international fast food chains to the most luxurious retail shops. In fact, the Louis Vuitton branch in Kuwait, is the most profitable branch in the world.
Instead of just sitting at home, he could've went to the Scientific Center (which he just passed by), and checked out the largest acquarium in the Middle Ease, the IMAX Theater and Much more including some Shark Feeding Sessions. There are some landmarks to visit like the Kuwait Towers, the Liberation Tower, which used to be one of the tallest buildings... The islands surrounding Kuwait have some very nice beaches where one can enjoy his day swimming, tanning...
You could say that it's not that bad being in Kuwait, but as a tourist, you'll be able to see all that is to see in Kuwait in about 3 to 4 days max.
As for the Kuwaiti people, they feel that they are superior to everyone else on this planet just for being Kuwaiti and having money. Of course there's a lot of wealthy families who sent their children abroad for education, and these are just as friendly as anyone, anywhere. They don't care where you come from as long as you are well mannered and behaved. As for the clothing... well you can see everything; from the latest Gucci, Ralph Loren, YSL... from the bikinis at the beach to the fully covered women.
Some of Kuwait's drawbacks:
Entertainment never was a strong point in Kuwait. There's not much to do except going to restaurants, cafes, movies, and the highlight of them all is the HOOKA; so be very careful about gaining tons of weight! There's no night life (pubs, clubs...) and no alcohol unless bought from some conspicuous people at a horrific price.
All in all, it's not that bad living in Kuwait but not indefinitely!
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Submitted by lisa on 2007-08-29 02:57:40
hey. But do they really censor only the English language magazines? Why would they do that?
Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-08-31 01:44:43
Most of the stuff you wrote were right, but the high temperatures last only for summer, if tourists visit around January to March , the weather isn't that bad. Another tip for tourists, Kuwait is a really good place for shopping, one of their biggest malls there is Marina Mall, and you can really enjoy yourself there. I guess to go for vacation in kuwait you might need more money than for an average vacation.
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