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Home » Articles » Activities » Diving With Elephants
Diving With Elephants
Submitted by bindero on 2006-11-13 03:48:32 (via
I can’t believe how special diving can get these days: Thailand has an underwater park to attract divers after the tsunami. That implies 3-meter elephants, real buildings, and statues. And if that’s not pleasing enough, you eventually get to explore the reef-ality – unique marine specimens for complete fun!
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Submitted by kiwi on 2006-11-28 04:39:43
Wow! I still don't undestand how they mannaged it...Amazing! and very smart...Will I ever get a chance to see it for real? I kinda say that about every place in the world ;o)
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Submitted by lisa on 2006-12-03 23:48:34
interesting article. I've never heard about the underwater attractions for scuba divers. sounds like fun!
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