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Home » Articles » Destinations » Asia » This month was spent in Southern China, Hong Kong and Macao.
This month was spent in Southern China, Hong Kong and Macao.
Submitted by pablo on 2007-01-16 03:35:49 (via
Hi, here you are, another crazy article by a Canadian guy, this time about China. It seems China can be an el-dorado land for those willing to buy “real” Prada or Gucci things for cents:). Yeah, one more good advice - if you’re going to buy copied DVDs from street vendors, make sure the movies aren’t in Russian. I will pay attention to this.
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-11-08 11:04:08
I read your article. I don't know if I should be laughing or not be laughing after reading about it because personally I live in this city called Hong Kong. I don't think Hong Kong people drive like crap maybe it's just you didn't know how to adapt the driving ways on how people in Hong Kong drive. Since, Hong Kong is a fast pace city it's hard for a Canadian to adapt because Canadians do tend to take things a bit slow no matter it's from driving or work. I know this because I have my own experiences and I am a Chinese-Canadian citizen. As for the movies, who told you to buy it from street vendors?!?! Don't you know there are stores example: Hong Kong Records,HMV or other local small stores where they sell real DVDs. No one told you to buy them off from the street vendors. Yes, the price from a local store and from street vendors are a big difference but that's what you get from the price you paid for, so what's all this fuss about? As for protection obviously you used it. There are other brands of condoms that aren't produced by Hong Kong, so why did you use the one that are made from Hong Kong or China? There are other different kinds of brands you can choose from. Other than that I have friends that are out of my race and they have no problem on buying condoms of their own size. You chose the wrong thing, the wrong size. Next time why don't you just bring as many boxes as you can from your country, so you don't have to buy it over here. The richest man is not called "Ka Ching". His name is "LEE KAR SHING" get the name right before you type it out wrongly. Not everyone in Hong Kong wears jade. I don't know where'd you go or traveled while you were here. Maybe to some elderly retired housing areas. Old people do tend to wear jade but teens or adults don't. Not all of us Hong Kong people wears jade. We do appreciate jade but we also do like diamonds, silver, crystals and gold. Don't make us look like we're old fashion that living in a place that we're uneducated and seems like we're living in a undeveloped city because you're just simply wrong. You are right about smoking. Hong Kong people do smoke but doesn't all other country smoke too? There's a law that's giving out that all restaurants in Hong Kong are smoke free. No customers are allowed to smoke indoors, beaches, parks & restaurants. So, I'm guessing that's why you just see a lot of people holding cigarettes. Think about it, don't people in Canadians do the same thing? No smoking in restaurants or coffee shops? In Hong Kong we don't have motorcycle escorts. We have taxis, buses, mtr, tram, ferry and mini vans for transportation. Please don't mix the differences from Mainland China and Hong Kong together. Not every Hong Kong person have to eat rice every day. Yes, rice is important but some people don't eat rice as you said in your article. In Hong Kong there are many other different kinds of cuisines tourists can choose. There's indian, philipine, italian, american, european, greek, mexican, chinese, thai, vietnamese, Korean, japanese food. Hong Kong is an international cuisine city where anyone and find something they want to eat. If you don't know how to use a pair of chopsticks restaurants do have forks and spoons given to you if you request for it. If you're in a chinese restaurant and you feel cold because the air conditioner temp. is too low, you can request for a cape/scarf that's from the restaurant. A lot of restaurants do give them out. I've tried it in my own personal experience. I don't know why you took a picture of the dump and not sure if it's even in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a polluted city and I am not going to defend that because it's true but there are a lot of other things to see in Hong Kong. For example: The Victoria Harbor in Tsim Sha Shui Star Ferry. By looking across the harbor to the other side of Hong Kong, the beautiful night lights or go up to The Peak in Central, you can see the entire Hong Kong island night lights. There's a wax museum and other things to see at The Peak and different kinds of food to dine. In central the night life is great! Every tourist will go to Lan Kwai Fong for a couple of drinks and have a good time. There bars & clubs and are packed from friday-sunday. I think you should just consider to live in this magnificent city and learn how this city runs. It's fast, vibrant, exciting and shopping! We have all kinds of different brands in malls and there are non brands selling really cheap clothes that the quality isn't bad at all.

Hong Kong isn't what this person said. I live in this city for nearly my whole life. I immigrated to Canada when I was young but I came back and went back to Canada to finish off my studies and moved back to Hong Kong. Most of my years are base here in Hong Kong. I don't think there are this kind of problems that this person wrote on his article. I'm not here to defend the city I'm living. I'm just being honest of what I think. If Hong Kong is a bad country then why would it be one of the most important trading port before and after the hand over in 1997??? Hong Kong is an international city living approx. 8million people every day. We adapt easily and we're all about being fast and precise. People don't just read off this article of just one person's perspective about this city. There are a lot of things to do and to see here. Hong Kong adapts both western and chinese cultures together. There are big city buildings but inside there are small temples or stores where it gives you a vibe you are in a city that adapts 2 culture into one.

Oh! Also, you wrote "MACAO" wrong. It's "MACAU". Macau is just an hour away from Hong Kong by a fast boat.
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