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Home » Articles » Destinations » Europe » Rome and Roma Extra Muros
Rome and Roma Extra Muros
Submitted by ManjaB on 2008-09-20 11:49:38 (via
An original take on Rome: the astonishing sights in the surroundings of Rome are visited and turn out to be at least as interesting as the eternal city itself
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Submitted by pablo on 2008-09-22 07:06:22
Very inspiring travelogue.Really enjoy reading it. Thanx. i wonder how long this trip lasted? and by the way i've heard that Italy is also famous for it's cuisine, any information about that?
  |   reply 
Submitted by ManjaB on 2008-09-22 07:32:19
I guess it was about a week... yes, cuisine, of course! Forget fast-food style pizza & pasta, the real thing is soooo much better. Fresh vegetables and herbs and healthy ways of preparing food (with olive oil); it's all great, whether you like meat, fish or vegetarian.
Submitted by christine on 2008-09-23 10:59:48
Hey)) i read read the article once, and then once again, and once again ... and i won't wonder if tomorrow I'll read it again ) it's o great!
is it easy to communicate with the locals?(i mean in English)?
the last Italian i spoke to had a pretty strange accent and it was hard to get what he is speaking about
  |   reply 
Submitted by ManjaB on 2008-09-23 12:38:22
Well, what can I tell you? People who aren't native English speakers tend to have accents ;-)
My guess would be that in and around Rome most people have some knowledge of English. You'll get used to the accent after you hear it a couple of times.
Submitted by christine on 2008-09-25 07:22:55
i guess you are right)) one gets used to almot anything))) what about the attitude of the locals ? how do they treat tourists?
  |   reply 
Submitted by ManjaB on 2008-09-25 08:36:32
In Rome, everyone is used to foreign tourists. On the other hand, it's a big city, so people won't be very interested in you. Outside Rome, people are extremely friendly (as you can read in the travelogue) and are glad when you visit their town/village.
If you plan to visit Italy, it's a good idea to learn a few phrases (simple things like "hello" and "goodbye", "thank you", etc.). In my experience, people are always impressed that you take the trouble to learn a few words in their language.
Submitted by roxy on 2008-10-03 06:06:26
Hello! i wanted to ask about the prices? is it expensive to travel there? I've been to Spain and the prices seemed a little bit high...
  |   reply 
Submitted by ManjaB on 2008-10-03 06:52:03
The author of the article recommends dining and having drinks outside the tourist center. Trastevere is an excellent place to go for dinner, even though it's not as "authentic" as it used to be. But prices there are more moderate.
Outside Rome everything is less expensive.
Submitted by roxy on 2008-10-03 07:21:55
So it is possible to travel on budget, right?
By the way i totally forgot to tell Thank you! i enjoyed a lot the article))
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