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Home » Articles » Destinations » Asia » Armenia is Closed for Reconstruction
Armenia is Closed for Reconstruction
Submitted by pablo on 2006-11-15 01:04:41 (via
Think of planting a rock wherever there should be a tree and that's what Armenia looks like. This article talks about things I’ve never heard about, like the Armenian alphabet, or having lunch in a restaurant with caged animals. The truth is I’m not sure I recommend Armenia as the perfect destination, but I do recommend this article as a good one!
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-08-19 14:17:54
whewm wow! as an armenian citizen reading the article about Armenia I am very impressed. well, I'd say whatever is said in the article is mostly true and i agree with the things said. I also learned some more stuff rom this. One thing yes its worth seeing Sevan and the south of Armenia is great also. you missed Tatev the greatest monestery , the hot springs all these in Goris then the unique road to Kapan with many turns. Kapan itslef is a beautiful small town, Goris is nice too. i think Amberd is awsesome! yeah we don't get along with georgains taht well which is kinda weird I personally wouldn't mind though.. Good story on Armenia. Apres!
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-08-20 03:32:39
Some comments from a non-Armenian American who lives in Yerevan

Armenia is a former Soviet Republic and has all the challenges of a former Soviet Republic. Armenia has a lot of outside help from the diaspora, which makes life easier for the locals (almost all locals have family living outside of Armenia).

Armenia has the potential to be a poor man's Switzerland, but that will take time. The country gained its independence in 1991 and is going through some natural growing pains.

Some asked me to comment on the article since I live here:

1. Customs forms are in English as well as in Russian
2. Customs agents have never asked me any questions like, "Do you have any guns;" and I travel a lot
3. Facts about Gumri are correct
4. Main roads are getting better, but in general roads are far better in the west
5.Yerevan is a relatively young city compared to others in the area. Yerevan was not much of anything until the genocide about 100 years ago
6. The comments about Vernissage, Khor Virap, Garni and Echmiadzin are accurate
7. 10,000 dram = around $30, not $20
8. Issues with boarding passes are normal for Armenia, but improving
9. The airport is improving; there are new arrival and departure halls
10. Lake Sevan is worth seeing if you come in the summer and Tsakhdzatsor is worth seeing in the winter
11. Things start about 10 am, but usually end late. Tours really depend on the tour company; some are good some are bad.

The best time to come is in May or Oct if you are looking to see a good view in Yerevan. Winters are somewhat cold (highs in the 20s) and can be snowy, and summers are hot (100+ F) and usually dry.
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-08-27 16:36:16
Comments from a Yerevantsi (a person who live in Yerevan and was born there)

First I would like to commment on the airport, that it's just been improved and the last time I was flyig (5 days ago) I really liked the service and the speed. So people don't usually complain, since the airport has improved significantly.

I see that other people have suggested that you shouldn't have missed Tatev, Goris, Kapan, Tsaxkadzor, and I would add Lori region with its wonderful nature and forests.

Yerevan is a great city for people of various ages. There is quite an acitve night life going on for young people and elderly have a chance to explore Museums, Theatres and other.

I see that you have travelled last year and I'm sorry that a lot of things were closed for you, but I'm sure lots of them were open too, I think you just didn't look hard enough :).

Three days for a country like Armenia is a second.
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