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Home » Articles » Destinations » Africa » Simply South Africa
Simply South Africa
Submitted by Adele on 2007-01-23 08:31:54 (via
Boy, this article is truly amazing. If I were to advertise South Africa I would call it the place where “penguins and people alike swim, play and sun themselves”. A very interesting trip with such a great variety of experiences: you know, the baboons and their funny and strange weakness, whale watching, wine tasting, etc., etc… You must read it!
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Submitted by lisa on 2007-01-24 01:25:11
I liked a lot reading this article. I tried to calculate haw many bottles of wine the 2 guys have drunk during their trip to South Africa, but after few trials I gave up:). But besides this, I think the beautiful landscapes, vegetation, animals and people cannot leave someone without deep impressions.
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Submitted by koeke on 2007-11-06 09:31:02
Well, these people seemed to have had a very full timetable. They managed to see a lot in a very short time, seeing that the country was new to them and they never seemed to get lost along the way. (could be that they used a navi) It was also lucky that all the sights seemed to slot in one after the other. At one point I had the feeling that this was a "rush through SA trip" when on Thursday 7th November they had their port tasting at 10am and already left for their next destination at 11am. That seems hardly enough time to look at things.
But, on the other hand, yes it is possible to swim with the penguins at Boulders Beach in Cape Town. But, I do recommend that tourists stay clear of the baboons. They are not as harmless as the park ranger made out to be. They can give vicious bites, and it is "bye bye" to any one who is attacked by a whole troop of baboons. Please respect that these are really wild animals.
Also, these people were lucky in that they visited SA outside the local school holidays which normally start early December for 6 weeks to early January. Provinces differ in their dates. They were also lucky not to have encountered any crime on their trips. This just shows that one can have a good safe holiday in South Africa. I loved the positive enthusiasm with which the whole trip was recounted. It was as if I was seeing my country through my own eyes. It is really such a beautiful country. I found the reports of the Robben Island guide a bit biased, but it is good for tourism, I suppose. I have visited Robben Island, as a child already in 1970. And I think that most whites have a very good idea of what the townships look like. What the tourists see, is what they want the tourists to see. Nothing wrong with that. Same everywhere in the world.
I can only recommend this report of this holiday trip to others. It is a very enthusiastic, but true, report of SA: It was lovely and heartwarming to see that tourists see my country as I also like to see it. I wonder why they did not stop at one of the ostrich farms in Oudtshoorn. Been there three times and will go again. It is always entertaining to see it. The photos were very well presented. Now that you have had a glimpse of the Western Cape, come and visit it in person and see that it looks even better in real life.
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Submitted by LucyK on 2007-11-06 11:41:22
I found this article VERY tourist-y. But i guess as a tourist that is what you come to see an experience. As the person before me said a lot was done, would have suggested that you took a day to do nothing, go roam around the mall, or visit UCT or sit on a random beach. CT is a super busy bustling place and there will always be something to catch your eye! But i think a very fair, maybe a slightly romantic view was given! A lot of really interesting things were done which takes most South African's a whole lifetime to get through! I would suggest for any possible tourists: find out from locals where the spots are, often clubs and bars have so much to offer and you will have such a good time, and feel like you have experienced South Africa as one of us, not a tourist!
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-11-07 13:04:23
this article definately depicts a wonderful visit of the Western Cape.

I only wish that they could of seeing more provinces:the Eastern Cape, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Gauteng.

Have to disagree on South Africa not being a violent country after apartheid.
It's great that equality is given to every different race in South Africa but poverty is still a huge issue.

Many people seem to go to crime to survive. The rape and robberies are definately one of the highest in the world.

I love my country(if nobody has realised, i'm a Coloured South African) but it's not as perfect as the article states.
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Submitted by Ansie-Ans on 2007-11-08 13:52:57
My opinion as a (white) local South African teenager is that this really is a great article for people interested in touring South Africa. As stated in a previous comment, baboons can really be dangerous and has extremely large teeth. Visiting our country before the holiday season is propably best too and another thing to keep in mind if you want to visit the Western Cape Province in particular is that it has a winter rainfall. This rainy, windy weather can continue for days on end so plan your tour as close as possible to summer. During your trip in SA you will obviously find everything cheap, depending of your own country's currency of caurse, as the Rand isn't a very strong currency when compared to other leading countries around the world. The typical English breakfast the couple wrote about is indeed a popular meal in almost every South African home and Restaurant and not only a favourite on the menu of guesthouses and lodges. Cape Town (with Table Mountain and the Water Front with the aquarium and Robben Island) and the Wine Route is a definite must see.
There is only one part of the article that upset me a little and I would like to give my opinion on this fragile topic. South Africa's youth really are striving towards healing and reconciliation between all cultures present in our country and people should stop making especially white South Africans look bad to the rest of the world. The older generations who were present during the apartheid years are starting to phase out and a new young generation is rising, ready to forget and take hand in a brighter future in this rainbow country. Yes, our country still has many problems such as poverty and crime, but time could heal the wounds. Reading the last part of this article forced a guilt onto me that shouldn't be there as I had nothing to do with apartheid and I am not willing to carry generations of guilt with me into the future of South Africa. South Africans, whether Black, coloured or White or of any other race will receive you as a tourist with a warm welcome, of that you can be assured.
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Submitted by Eagle on 2007-11-12 04:33:11
This looks like a very nice article. You just need a lot more time to see South Africa. If you travel in Cape Town the wine farms in Stellenbosh is a 'must visit'...Also when you are in Cape Town make sure to visit the aqarium. What they say about the baboons is true. I had some experience myself. If you ever plan on traveling thru SA just note that is a article on Cape town....not SA! The Kruger National park is another place that must be visited. Then there is also the diamond and gold mines to visit. Also make sure to see the beutifull Sabie and the Drankens burgs (burgs is a South African word for mountains)...And there is lots lots lots more....
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