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Home » Articles » Destinations » Asia » The Flight Above Heaven’s Ladder (a site of wild great wall)
The Flight Above Heaven’s Ladder (a site of wild great wall)
Submitted by Davidsmith on 2008-11-30 00:49:36 (via
If anyone would have told me several months ago that I would be arranging my own business trip to China and fly it in the grandest style of any air traveler, I would have told them that they were out of their well-wishing and best-of-luck minds. I’m just a little guy. I don’t come from cooperate sponsorship....
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Submitted by Davidsmith on 2008-12-01 02:42:09
As with any outdoor experience, there are limitations and parameters when hiking on the great wall. Prospective clients need to understand the following:

The Climb. The hike up the mountain to the great wall is about 3.5 miles and rises to an elevation of about 2.5 thousand feet. Paths are thin but sturdy. The degree of difficulty (easy, moderate, severe, and difficult) is rated as moderate.

The Wall. You are entering an archeological zone that has been neglected for almost 600 years. The wall itself is about 45 feet high and averages about 20 feet in width. It is erected directly on the top of mountain ranges and flows from peak to peak. Stairways that reach these peaks angle from 45 to 75 degrees, up or down, dependent upon the direction traveled. Trees and fauna grow inside the walkways but are easily traversed. Steps are crumpled and are loose. Entry to and from the wall are from portions that have actually caved in. The degree of difficulty ranges from moderate to severe.

This is not an adventure for the timid. You should be experienced in hiking and in handling yourself in situations that require caution with limited endurance. Though you are not hand climbing or rappelling, you’re not going for a walk in the park. You should be in good physical condition to undertake this experience. We go in one section of the wall and come out another. The duration of activity lasts almost 7 hours and encompasses about 15 miles. You will be tired but you will rave about it!

The Accommodations. You are spending the night in a rustic setting designed for local Great Wall travelers. Rooms contain traditional Chinese beds with linens and little more. Cold water is available for washing, and solar hot water is sometime available for limited showering. Sanitation is private and housed. The food is fresh and excellent, and the attendants who cook for you are very accomplished.

Your Gear. Adventures to this region require a backpack, good hiking shoes, and apparel and based on the time of year. Pick your date and I will advise you what to wear. Rain protection is sometimes advised. Insect repellant depending on the time of year is a must. Your backpack carries your liquid refreshments, a snack, your camera, a small first-aid kit, personal necessities, and rain protection when necessary.

Guiding you is my business, but the decision for you to the make the commitment based on these parameters is yours. If you meet the trip criteria, and have the time and budget, then you can do no better. I am absolutely Your China Guy for an event that is world-class!

Accommodation: Living in the farm house, there are rooms of 1 bed and 2 bed and 4 beds available, there are warm mud beds and common beds available.

Mud bed is about 60 cm thick, The use fire wood to warm the bed for 1 hours, then the bed will keep warm for the whole night.

Traditional farmhouse The yard
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