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Home » Articles » Destinations » Europe » Italy travelogue
Italy travelogue
Submitted by Karensmith on 2008-12-29 03:44:03 (via
Italy is famous for its wonderful food and wine, its luxurious sports cars, its innovative artists, its sophisticated fashion, its poetry and music, and let's not forget the beautiful cities of Florence, Venice, Pisa, Rome, and Milan.
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2009-01-05 04:58:33
This is a great travelogue! thank you for it!!! I've heard that Italian people are very emotional and they use a lot of gesticulation while talking. is it really like that or i it just a wrong idea people get from the movies?
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2011-04-25 08:06:37
I am italian what I can say that people here are emotianal just like every emotional people in the whole world, some of them are some other are not.Many people use their hands to talk some other like I and many other people I know do not. Please stop generalizing: we are not movie characters, we are real, with the same good and bad faults tht people in everyohter Country has. i iinvite you to visit and see with your eyes. I can be a very good experience.
Submitted by Anonymous on 2009-01-05 05:32:19
Italy Is Magnificent!
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2009-01-05 07:31:40
Italy it's a sunny place :-)
there are a wonderful nature (sea,mountain,etc)
also the best art
men and women....

...but sorry
for Belusconi :-(
..ciao Rossana
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