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Home » Articles » Destinations » North America » Beggars in Paradise
Beggars in Paradise
Submitted by kiwi on 2007-02-07 07:25:40 (via
If you happen to travel to Canada and have lived in a 3rd world country for a while, prepare to control your impulses. Some had to force themselves to stop stealing and hoarding toilet paper Mexican fashion:) Keeping a right balance in life is important in order to avoid painful extremes and traveling around helps one a lot in this regard.
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Submitted by roxy on 2007-02-08 05:58:15
This is a very touchy article for me. It so deeply characterizes the differences of the lifestyle of different people and different nations... And if you think there are not beautiful and ugly, stupid and clever people. They are all human beings. However, their activities are so different. One cannot escape the every day hard physical work to feed his family, and in the same time another pays big money to have some hard work. For the second this is a way to relax... It's all about the system they live in. Wired... But at least not wellbeing determines the happiness; however it much contributes to this.
Steeling the toilet paper? Interesting:) Never thought about it! I would like to read more articles like this about differences in cultures. Have something to share?
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Submitted by LaisyDaisy5 on 2008-03-12 18:23:40
The only reason I am commenting on this is because as a Canadian to say whether this is true or not. Just to be clear, not all of Canada is big cities like Toronto. It was said that Toronto is a harmless, clean place to rest and repair yourself and that it's a safe place free of distracting sites. This is true, but only in the Touristy places. So, you said that you didn't visit any tourist sites, well apparently you did because a vast majority of big cities are far from clean, some places have ghetto type areas high in crime (far from harmless and safe) and as far as a city location to do resting, I would have suggested a country side where you WILL find cows and there are far more beautiful things to look at with fewer fears of being mugged.
Now, onto your idea that there is no fatty foods or drinks for you to consume, look around - how do you think Canada and US have come to have the largest population of overweight people in the world. On that note, you mention that we run and bike and all the rest, yes that's true; however, it's not to try and mock our ancestor's hard work, nor is it to try and act as though we've put in a good day's labour, it's simply to stay fit and healthy - why do you think you find so many attractive women? Not only that, but with the increasing obeisity people don't want to be places in that category, nor do they want the health problems that go along with it.
Finally I move onto the point about young people resorting to being beggars. First of all, I do agree that they should suck it up and get a job, it would be more money then they are getting on the street and a more moralized way of earning it. On the other hand, I completely disagree that they should give up their beliefs to do so (what you call rebellion). I would have you know that you are correct about educated people begging, but, you don't seem to realize that in big cities like Toronto, often times you are considered to have too little of an education or too much of an education for the job. For example, someone with a university bachelors degree will likely be turned away from a McDonald's job for being over qualified, and also be turned away from a business position because they were in competition will someone else better qualified. So, unless you know what you want to do for the rest of your life at age 14, and start mapping out your educational path, job findings will be very difficult in large cities; hence the great number of poor people/ beggars. And just because they have tattoos and piercings, does not mean they are rebels, they very well could be the one with a university degree, it's just that you're discriminating against them based on appearance.
If anyone is going to decide to live in Canada, otherwise known for it's mosaic of cultures and people, then you'd better learn to be more open minded, otherwise, move to the States and conform.
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