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Home » Articles » Destinations » Europe » Brussels
Submitted by kiwi on 2007-02-23 04:02:21 (via
This is an account on visiting the fascinating city of Brussels and the especially describing the “marvelous” high-tech traveling on the Eurostar train through the Channel tunnel. An experience worse then being on a plane. If you have long legs, better opt for the boat traveling.
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Submitted by pablo on 2007-02-23 06:16:09
I must admit that I adore those good old european cities, in clusively Brussels. I believe if not the weather, this would be my favorite city of the world.
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-11-15 11:19:25
You should also visit Ghent, it's a beautiful city.
Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-11-15 09:07:09
Nice city, lots a things to do and to view
but to much rain
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-11-16 01:54:51
I have lived in Brussels for 5 years, and i loved it. I Lived on the outskirts of the city in the small town of Kortenburg. The city of Brussels itself is a nice place, with plenty to see and do. The Grand Place is wonderful, and the palace is just as spectacular. The one downside to brussels is that the weather tends to be on the gray side, and it can go from bright sunshine to pouring rain in under a minute. On the Chunnel subject, I have never taken the Eurostar section. I always road in the compartments where people just drove their cars on board and parked. That way you can get out walk around the cars if you want, or just hang out in the car.

Brussels is also located pretty much in the center of Europe,so you can make trips to pretty much anywhere.
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Submitted by Aragami on 2007-11-16 10:59:27
The weather in Belgium is indeed unpredictable, it can be a sunny lightly day and turns on in just one minute to a grey, rainy sky, in Brussels the capital city of Belgium there is much to do en to see, like the famous "Manneke Pis" it's a statue of a male child peeing in a fountain, funny symbole of Brussels... there are always japanese people taking pictures, always, they always standing in your path, the Belgium people are friendly if you ask them something, but they are pretty aloof if they are not drunk, if they are drunk they are really pigs and party on from nights till noon in the weekends, if you want to see really old buildings you must visit Brugge and Gent, 2 City's on the same road to the sea, there are buildings of thousand years old still in use by the goverment, the goverment is too good in Belgium, they give money to all people who don't work, that's why in Antwerp are many cultures; Marocan, Turkish, Polish people,... but espicially Jewish people doing bussiness with diamonts, they are dirty people living in dirty neighberhoods and always driving on bicycles or walking arround, some marocan, turkish people are dangerous if there are in gangs, they love to fight, most of them are children till 18 years old, the older don't take care on them when they hanging arround on streets in Antwerp, but it's changing now, because there were much murders this year with knifes and a belgian guy of 17 years old buyed a gun and shooting all imigrants he passed in Antwerp, so there were protests agains useless violence and now the older imigrants take care about there children... that's Antwerp. There's a beautiful city called Hasselt, it's a small and very enjoyable city with also much old buildings and streets, the public transport in Belgium is very easy and anywhere you go, they help you out if you're friendly, but only in Antwerp and Brussels you have metro-stations neverwhere in Belgium else... well... this was about some of the big city's in the dutch part of belgium...
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-01-15 12:48:36
there are lots of english-speaking immigrants taking advantage of the EU system too. What you are telling sounds biased against one sector, but you are forgetting to mention the hundreds of US citizens who live in Belgium trying to get a free ride...
Submitted by Master_Unicorn on 2007-11-16 17:33:29
I have visited Brussels quite a few times in my life, and yes the weather is unpredictable, but no more than most of northern Europe, Britain included.

One thing I have found with lots of the Belgian cities, Brugge, Ghent, Antwerp etc, is that depending on whether the person you speak to is Walloon or Flemish will depend on how you get answered if you speak to them in French, however most understand English very well.

There is a wonderful Mall there in the city center, down from the Station (which incidentally was the best place to change money).

They do like their fries though <smile> - overall they are really nice people, plenty of amazing architecture to see and photograph too.

Be aware some days the entire city can close (almost) a good time to go is when the Seafood Festival is on, then it is a gastronomic delight.

Wine used to be cheaper there than in France - lower taxes I guess. And you will want to try some of the finest beers in the world, also without doubt for chocolate lovers, there is only one chocolate worth mentioning and that is Leonidas, you buy them in 1/4, 1/2 and 1Kg caskets, you can choose your own mix, then they wrap them in gold foil paper afterwards - absolutely amazing chocolates, - keep refrigerated for best life. I don't suppose you can actually manage to eat more than 3 or 4 before becoming full up.

Try a visit to Brugge and book a tour through the old Royal, Kings route, take a canal trip and look for the mannikin's hanging out from the 1st / (2nd) floor window (same floor different descriptions of that this is by the bridge over the canal from the large circular car park.

Fancy a trip to Holland (Netherlands), it is only a few kilometers down the road, and Sluis is the nearest old windmill town.
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-11-17 14:10:23
good article, i live in belgium, its pretty ok i guess ;) haha! :D

dont really hate the eurostar though, i mostly sleep through it... ^^

and i agree with "the visiting ghent"; i've lived pretty much everywhere in belgium (antwerp, ghent, ostend, ...) and i think ghent is the best! :D
-> good 2 shop; nice view; cool things to do; nice places 2 go out; ..

Greetz from poeguar, kiss xxx
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-11-18 08:52:15
I visited Brussels during a September and found the weather very nice at that time but I might have been lucky.

Since I had a very short stay in the city--just one day--I took a bus tour to get the flavor and feel of the place and found it a very nice, modern, city with some old parts for contrast. People were wonderful.

I highly recommend it for anyone taking a tour of Europe, but I also recommend a stay in the Belgian countryside, either the Flemish or Frankish parts, to enjoy the rural side of one of the Low Countries.
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