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Home » Articles » Destinations » Central America and Caribbean » It's Better In The Bahamas
It's Better In The Bahamas
Submitted by Laurentzi on 2007-03-01 06:03:08 (via
Welcome to the Bahamas, the mega shopping center, the only where u can shop duty free till u drop. After recovering from the drop u go shopping again! When u’re finally sick of it, there are plenty of fun things to do: snorkeling, diving, shell hunting, bathing in the sun, deep sea fishing, horse riding, or even exploring the depth on a submarine.
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Submitted by christine on 2007-03-02 06:42:15
It seems that Bahamas is the perfect place for shopping on the Earth. I suppose I shouldn't need to know this, as I adore shopping. Having the hacation of your dreams and a good shopping, isn't this the perfect shot for a woman?
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-03-11 15:59:43
I'm glad that you enjoyed my article. I try to put feeling into what is written so you'll want to go there also.
Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-09-19 08:06:42
Your pics are very accurate of the Bahamas.
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-03-18 17:48:48
Very good article. Its nice to not pay tax on anything up to a certain amount. The amount can vary sometimes though. Nice article. Most people dont know about the no duty tax, so hopefully they do now.
Submitted by makeda88 on 2007-09-19 10:52:06
oh you hit the nail on the head. Its all true, people...i should know, because i live here. Nassau is where all the fun is at. But if you want to be more relaxed and secluded, Grnad Bahama is probably the best. Good job!
  |   reply 
Submitted by makeda88 on 2007-09-19 10:52:42
grand bahama*
Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-09-19 11:11:25
My name is G and I live in the Bahamas everything stated in this article is true. If I were a tourist I couldn't have said it any better.
  |   reply 
Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-09-20 08:32:59
seeing as if i live here it is sweet shopping should be good seeing though you dont have any taxes and most of our stuff are duty free its great. The night life is great aswell we have something for everyone so come and enjoy yourself and if im wrong you can get back at me
  |   reply 
Submitted by timbo297 on 2007-09-20 11:12:13
I'd like to thank all of you for your comments this is why I do the website. To let people know what's out there for them to visit. TIM
Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-03-18 22:45:26
Oh yeah...there is no place like my "Bahamaland"...just to add what was written, the foods are great, the people are friendly, and lots of historic place to be seen...

See you in The Bahamas
  |   reply 
Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-03-19 13:02:00
i must say that tis article is very true am from the bahamas so i should kn i must include that we have some of the best beaches in the world.
  |   reply 
Submitted by kfalicity on 2008-03-19 13:31:59
Well I must say that I'm really glad for all those who commented on this article. This is very true & I hope it inspires many people to come to our Beautiful Bahama land. There is no place like that Bahamas
  |   reply 
Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-03-19 19:56:03
Loved the site.You covered practically everything about the Island.I think you should also come back to one of the Islands mainly New Providence and Grand Bahama to get a feel of our National Festival which is junkanoo.You cant find it anywhere else in the world,You can also try and Island hope to get the feel for how different island are.Because each Island in the Bahamas has something unique about it,From regatta and crab catching in the south,to boat sailing and Goombay in the north.But so far,I like how you covered it.You can also say that it is a wonderful place to build a dream home because the land is not expensive neither is the property tax,which we dont have.Other than that thumbs up,and thanks for the advertisement of our islands.
  |   reply 
Submitted by timbo297 on 2008-03-20 11:38:21
I would love to come back. In fact that was our plan for this year. But alas we are not able to. This year we will be going back to Charleston Sc. Hopefully next year to the Bahamas if time permits and the money gods are willing. We did love it there and want to spend more time there the next time. Glad you enjoyed my webpage this is why I do it.
Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-03-20 12:01:49
i have read the article and think it paints a true picture. i live here. and the duty free shopping is much welcomed by our visitors. having so many other islands; it makes the visit even more enjoyable.each island has its own unique flavour
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