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Home » Articles » Destinations » Europe » Relaxing in a beautiful country
Relaxing in a beautiful country
Submitted by christine on 2007-03-07 07:51:31 (via
Indeed Bulgaria can be the best place for hiking lovers. The breathtaking, picturesque hills and monasteries won’t leave any without deep impressions. Also, the traditional Bulgarian villages, although seem monotone, offer special spectacles of the day to day life of people. Very nice article:)
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Submitted by eve on 2008-02-05 07:12:55
To me this article is, lets say, strange. I certainly can not argue with anything in this most personal impression, as it's exactly what it is - a personal impression. However, I can say that I can not and do not recognize my own country in this article. I really do not understand what a foreign tourist might expect when visiting a monastery or a small museum in a monastery. Frankly speaking the expression "living museum" in this case sounds odd - its either a living monastery or a museum. The small exhibition in the Rila monastery (naturally crosses and old books!)is about the monastery and would probably have made more sense to the visitors, had they made the effort to buy a small guide book/leaflet in English and read it!
By the way there is more to see and try in the location. Just outside the monastery is (or at least was when I last visited) a great "mekitsi" (something like local donuts) place, which I warmly recommend. Also, if you continue up along the valley into the mountain, you can actually go to the old church and the saint hermit's cave - a very small place or hollow, but the legend gives it a special atmosphere.
What else, presently in Koprivshtitsa you can probably find a much higher level of accommodation, but I'm not sure if its a good thing. In fact I do hope it hasn't changed a lot. Why? Because I am truly afraid that the feeling of quietly flowing life in a quiet traditional village, pristine and untouched, will be gone for ever, if we substitute this life with a unified Americanized type of crazy life. That's something for the big cities, not for the patriarchal cradle of Bulgarian Revival.
Well, I'm definitely partial talking about those places - partial with an emotion I can not expect a foreigner to cherish. Still, somehow I think I would not dare to call Stonehenge for instance "a circle of old stones". Sorry, but this is more or less how this article sounds to me...
So, to anyone who really wants to experience the most of travelling to Bulgaria (or anywhere else for that matter) - it will be better if you do it without any preconceptions. And it would certainly make it much more interesting if you read a little bit about the country and its history before hand, or even after. And if you talk to Bulgarians, (many young Bulgarians speak at least some English)- well, it's even better!
Bon voyage!
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