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Home » Articles » Destinations » Africa » Bill & Jen’s Millenium Experience
Bill & Jen’s Millenium Experience
Submitted by bindero on 2006-11-21 01:46:05 (via
If you’ve never traveled in an African airplane, don’t be surprised if suddenly, without warning, there is a giant mountain passing next to your window a half mile away. Also, don’t be very mad if the plane takes off 30 minutes early. I’ve been to Kenya so I know all these, but I still found this article awesome and useful! See it yourself!
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Submitted by kiwi on 2006-12-07 04:48:27
haha! There must be something about the government owned businesses... and that is pretty understandable, but boy Kenia is full of a certain type of surprizes... that don't seem to attract me particularly... maybe because I can see some in my country and I'm fed up.
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Submitted by roxy on 2008-08-06 09:05:37
oh.. c'mon
surprises are more than welcome, especially if they are pleasant. this is why one goes traveling after all...the question is however, will there be any unpleasant surprises for foreigners and is it safe to travel to Kenya now?

Anyone who has been to Kenya recently, it would be great if you could clear it up for others dying to get there :)
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-08-06 10:00:28
Jambo, I've been in kenya for the past month, i work here so get to know all the locals. i've also stayed in a few hotels here in the past its my 4th time here in the last 2 years. also stayed in apartments too. best bars for tourists are in westlands best hotel to stay in for these is holiday inn staff here are def the friendliest out of the many hotels i've stayed in. kenya is safe as long as you dont travel at night on your own and dont flash cash or valuables around the pick pocketers are first class here... dont be afraid to stand up for yourself they will back down, no one likes confrontation. safest way to get around is by taxi but use one that is recognised by your hotel and get the number of the driver that drops you off they will come back for you spes when they know your good for the fare..the also know roughly where you are even if you dont know.
must see's and do's:
carnivore and nairobi national can feed giraffes from a balcony, the national snake park (beside national museum closed till nov 08 though), get to masaai mara between july and sept wildebeast crossing is amazing at 6.30 in the morning (found one weekend here was enough saw every kind of animal on the first day, you can arrange this through your hotel and its better to organise these things once you arrive in kenya way cheaper)
thats all i can think of at the moment but if ya need to know anything else feel free to contact travelling enjoy kenya its amazing
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-08-07 05:35:02
Hi its good to hear about your veiws and i would love tio let you know that nairobi is very different from the time you visited it is full of small tree plantations in the town and also we have full working traffic lights and for the street kids they have been adopted to homes although some are still seen in the evenings and also they tend and try to look smart, i think they usually sneak in the night to come to town!@
I wish i had a camera i sent you recent pictures of Nairobi.
Also there is Mombasa where there is no comparison to Nairobi!
The people very friendly and the beach i thionk is awesome, for tourists there is tourist police nowadays no one can bother you or you are very safe in any case.
For more about nairobi Maybe i will mail you next time apart from the election violence that rocked the country in december, but not evrywhere.
Have a good day and would love to get more questions from you, you can mail me at
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-08-16 08:47:23
Hey Everyone!
I have been to Kenya! People are asking is it safe, and is there any trouble for tourists! NO WAY! It is the most amaazing and welcoming country in the world! I have never met people who are so friendly, yet they have so little! I do not know which parts of kenya you are all planning on visiting, but i was in Nairobi! The city has so many beautiful things, yet there is another side to the city, the side that i experienced! I went to Kenya as a volunteer and helped the poor children in the slum of Mukuru! Some of the things i seen, people i met, and general experiences that i felt will never leave me! I also spent a little time in the Aids Orphanages, which was one of the saddest, yet most uplifting experiences of all time! These kids were given from 2 weeks-2 years to live and were the happiest and most energetic kids i have ever met! Don't get me wrong though, being surrounded by such sadness and poverty makes you ake a step back, and look at the world from another perspective! If you are going to Kenya for recreational purposes, then the Safari Parks are simply breath-takin as well! For anyone that needs a bit of encouragement, MY TRIP TO KENYA has changed my life...( if you have any questions that need answered!)
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-08-17 13:36:36
There are several places to visit now since the time this article was posted. For example, there are more than five malls in Nairobi alone up to international standards and there are also several restaurants with serving up not only traditional fare representing over twenty tribes from the country but also international cuisine from Brazil to Lebanon such as Pampa Churascaria and The Phoenician respectively and much more. Furthermore, the Maasai Mara was recently named one of the new seven wonders of the world. It would be best however if one visited the country for oneself rather than pigeon-holing it as simply another country because there are so many things on offer here that I as a Kenyan am still yet to fully discover. For any queries, I’ll be glad to help you out.
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2009-03-21 05:59:14
It is soooo cute!!!!!!! I cant belive it!!!!!! I cant wait to go back to Kenya to visit!!!!!!
Lots of Love Zoe
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