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Submitted by bindero on 2007-04-13 03:51:10 (via
India – a mysterious country where cows freely walk across the streets, being considered holy animals. But don’t be disorientated but the big number of temples and the cows that remind you of the spirituality of Indians: be twice as careful with your stuff, so that you don’t become disappointed after visiting it.
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Submitted by cleo on 2007-04-13 05:46:21
The more I read about India the more I don't like these holly cows. NO wonder they are so skinny - a cows place in NOT in the city... Let them graze, multiply and fill the fields and then get slaughtered and sold to the Indians so that their children can eat and get some meet on those bone...

Geee... wasn't man meant to rule the earth over all it's inhabitants?.. What are men doing worshiping an animal?..
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Submitted by Surbhi on 2007-09-09 03:33:49
I am an Indian and so i love my Country. I hink India is an amazing country with it's own unique culture and heritage. Jaipur, ajmer, rajasthan and many other cities are full of colours and traditional values. it's not that we are backward but we are moving towards success in each field be it IT or mathematics. once u visit India, u will come to know how much this country has to offer u. people will love u and welcome u no matter the country u belong to. when i myself see foreigners on streets, i try my level best to help them by guiding them properly. once i was in Cannaught Place( centre of Delhi) and while returning from my french class, i saw a french lady and her daughter roaming on streets asking for help. i saw a hindi manual in their hand and i heard them talking in french. sice i could understand french, i offered my help and showed them the way they wanted to go. she thanked me and said that she loved India. it was amazing. I felt so proud. so come over to India and experience the lavish experience. India has the second highest population in the world next to china, so will find people everywhere helping u in one or the other way. u can stop anyone on street and be friend with them. India is a country of 27 languages with vast traditional values. we show respect to elderly people by touching ther feet and folding hands and they offer blessings to us by keeping their hand on our head. isnt it amazing? ? ? i believe, it is. when Indians go to a different country, they adopt their culture the way it is and we love people from different countries. i personally do. so all those who have lots of questions running in their mind, just come here and feel the difference and get answers to all ur questions. I welcome u all..
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