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Home » Articles » Destinations » Europe » Pass the Vodka Please
Pass the Vodka Please
Submitted by kiwi on 2007-04-26 09:11:09 (via
A picture of shattered dreams – a dream that was not to become true. Little things that you would think are not important, but they make all the difference sometimes. But there is always a good side to things for those who want to see it.
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-08-07 04:36:24
This story is very truthful and interesting and found it to be alot of fun to read. (Natasha, /Kiev Ukraine/)
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Submitted by bindero on 2007-08-07 05:03:49
I don't want anybody to feel offended but just like ad this article says it, I have been told by many friends that Ukrainians are very passionate when it comes to drinking.
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Submitted by EugeneMyspace on 2007-08-07 06:10:37
I don't know what to say!yes,that's all true!but I don't get why author is so ,I'd say, "surprised"???what do you exprect from this "hole" ? Ukraine has big potential,but it's unreleased(due to different reasons,and the ,main problem is....PEOPLE!they don't want anything ,only to live like pigs..I'm a big patriot and it's very hard for me to say words like this).for now,Ukraine is proceeding to it's death:ther're a lot of filth,scum,junkies,alcoholics and so on.there's no LAW in here,just anarchy.hopeless........terrible? but true! Goverment continues "henocide politics", people just like dummies lookin' at this "situation" without any protests or something! just "another" 3rd party country.what a shame!!!even there's no national idea,no hope and no illusions for "common" ukranian.
and Ukraine it's a dangerous place for "US romantics" with passion to travel :))),so be careful! and I'd like to say that our outhor described just what he saw in the BIG cities such as Kharkov,and you can imagine what's happening in the small towns?he? come and play with us!!!for ever and ever...AND EVER!!!!!!!^)))))))))))))))
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Submitted by Jane on 2007-08-07 07:45:03
very true to life and detailed description
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Submitted by Coquette on 2007-08-07 11:11:30
Hey everyone:)
The story is really true, but the one thing I would like to tell you all is that it is not that bad as you might think of Ukraine. At first!! Dear EugeneMyspace if you are so patriotic then why are you saying all this??? I have the feeling that you dont care about Ukraine at all! UKRAINANS ARE NOT TO BLAME!!!!! Im sick and tired of hearing that. If I would see you I would look at you and ask into your face: am I to blame that I was born here and STILL live here?? Am I?
Is that my fault that I cant go anywhere in Europe free without any visas etc. I would say one thing: Im not worse or better than anyone in Europe. I am just the same person and EVERY UKRAINAN is. So what is wrong with ppl? Why am I and my famile and my friends and Ukrainans a problem? I think its very offensive to call me a pig. Ppl are different everywhere. There are bad and good Ukrainans, there are bad and good German ppl...every person is different and unique and I am not a pig and all my family are human beeings with a same right to live as Europians have. Protests...ok then why dont you try to protest??? Arent you a part of Ukraine. Everyone can talk but you try to make some actions.
Guys that want to travel SHOULD travel here and see everything on their own eyes. And you Eugene show everyone the kind of Ukrainan you are. You are not way. If you were you wouldnt call all of us pigs. You wouldnt write all these things. Knowing the history of Ukraine and not Soviet Union, knowing all the suffering of Ukraine you are telling this. You can not be called Ukrainan. Did you see any German or American that call his or her ppl pigs. Do you think that after all your words anyone would travel here? No way no one would. Cuz of ppl like you everyone will spread "nice" things about us. Believe me if you will go on saying all this bullsh!t no one would come here. Òè õðóíüî!
We are normal ppl. We dont have three eyes or two noses. We do shower and have TV`s at home(can you imagine that) we also have pc`s at home(I know thats shocking news for you). There are a lot ppl who are addicted to drugs and alcohole. But it is fault of government because they benefit of it.
Having read this review I would think that everyone here is an alcoholic and the photos are fantastic. I would pay big gratitude to a person who did it all. THANK YOU SO MUCH for showing one side of Ukraine.
But there is another side which is TOTALLY opposite from the one which was described here. Reading the other story about Kyiv...well a preson who travels a lot wouldnt write so much about one place. Its like there is nothing to say about. Tell me who is interested in your going to restaurant where there wasnt anyone? There are lots of beautiful places... I dont tell anyone that everything is great here...everything which is said true. But the thing which I hate about it is that no one bothered to say anything nice about us. And I am more than sure that there are alot to say good things about Ukraine. But no one is interested in it. But in next comments I will try to.
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-08-07 13:06:06
Alla writes: it seems to me it looks like true story, but my dear friends, don't forget it's morning , Easter. Who works on such day??? People stood(!) all night in church and began celebrate early in the morning.I'm the patriot of my country and i think such eposodes can be anywhere. Not all bad in our beautiful, hospitable country! I support Coquettte comments also! Anyway Ukraine one is the beautiful country in the world - welcome!!
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