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Home » Articles » Destinations » South America » Ecuador
Submitted by Adele on 2007-04-26 09:15:28 (via
Quito, Latacunga, Saquisili… Men and women dressed in 'traditional' clothing travel along with you, inclusive the well know chicken and pigs under their arms. Banos - a very beautiful area with beautiful people, and more…
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-01-31 09:39:32
Ecuador is one of the most beautiful countries in South America. The pictures here are a great depiction of what the country side looks like. There is tons more to see and highly recommend a trip to Ecuador. I was there in the summer of 2006 and had the best time of my life! One Tip... The taxi drivers, when they know you're a tourist, will juice you so don't be afraid to haggle on the price. It's pretty cheap to get around in taxi if you find one that won't take advantage of you. Also, a lot of the taxi drivers free lance so you can hire them independently to show you the country. Happy Trails!
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-01-31 09:48:34
i read the whole article some of the things u have here.. are true but some are not.. i dont know where exactly did you go.. but ive lived in ecuador and there are tons of places to go to. Probably you didnt find it that interesting the fact that u went to the OK places.. and depending on the season too, but ive lived in guayaquil and is the most fun place ever.. u can go to the beach salinas and there are lots of things to do if u know the right people.. and if they take u to the right places.. just like every other country there are good and bad.. people are really nice and not everyone walks with chicken under their arms..
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-01-31 10:25:15
this was posted 2000, its been 8 years since then and a LOT of things have changed. the center of quito especially. i would repost a more recent account of visiting ecuador. it was only great pointing out the interesting general places in ecuador to visit, but there are tons of little hide outs and cool places to visit while one is simply in quito, such as the volcanic pools in Papajacta, or the middle of the world monument, or the little town of mindo where you can go on a 45 min. 'rafting' with these plastic donuts on a dangerous rocky river all for $4 (and yes all guides are included), or then visit the butterfly cage where you enter at a certain hour to see billions of huge butterflies fly around you and even stand by your shoulder.
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-02-02 14:02:03
Ecuador is a beautiful place. I lived there for 5 months back in 2001. There are so many places to see, and best of all - it is incredibly cheap!!! I want to go back there so badly! Most of the guide books you can buy do a very good job of highlighting the best places to see. If you speak the language, traveling via bus is very easy - just be careful because the busses only slow down to let on passagengers and slow down to let them off - so you need to be fast! Cab fares are equally cheap if you let the cab driver know that you're not a "dumb tourist." You need to haggle a lot - so sometimes its a good idea to ask locals how much things cost, or even find other Americans to ask. I ran in to a lot of Americans while I was there and they were really helpful to point out places to see and things to do. If you do go to Ecuador, make sure you visit the Galapagos Islands, or Guayaquil's beaches! If you do go to the beaches, make sure your doctor gives you some malaria pill. It's rare to get Malaria on the beaches, but it is possible. Also, don't forget to organize a trip to the Amazon, La Mitad del Mundo (the equator), and Otavalo (indigenous market). If you do decide to go there, bring me!
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-02-06 22:12:56
I live in Ecuador and love to go around my country.
I think that the article about Ecuador is good if it was a diary input of the activities done by these people, but it’s terrible as a Guide for someone who doesn’t know Ecuador and wants to come to visit.
If you want to get to know Ecuador well, you have to get an expert’s advice.
Depending from which type of traveler you are, there are different options you can do here in Ecuador.
From colonial architecture, local costumes, Luxurious churches, to the most diverse amazonian jungle.
From small town beaches, to big modern coastal cities.
There are modern occidental type cities and rural cities.
There are even cultures that have had little contact with modernity.
One of the most interesting things of Ecuador is that you have such diverse regions in a small place, from one corner of Ecuador to the other it’s less tan 20 hours away.
From the dense jungle to the road of the volcanos and the snow mountains to the road of the sun, travelling along the coast next to the beach.
Finally Galapagos, it’s hard to describe, it has to be admired
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