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Home » Articles » Destinations » Asia » One Night in Bangkok
One Night in Bangkok
Submitted by kiwi on 2007-04-27 09:07:06 (via
Impressions of Bangkok from a Netherlands’ girl: starting from the double check and the airports and ending with a Super Girls Club treat – maybe it was funny for men, but the girls performing seemed bored. What’s there to be excited about?
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Submitted by roxy on 2007-05-01 08:47:54
Very nice article:)
I have read a lot about Thailand and Bangkok, its exotic cuisine, the floating market, but never read about its nightlife. Seemengly, it is very intense isn't it? Anybody had any experiences concerning the nightlife in Thailand?
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-11-20 10:59:14
nightlife is great, depending what you like
Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-11-20 09:22:00
Interesting article on Bangkok. This is the part of Bangkok that many westerners go to experience. But then again, much has change in the recent years and the activities in the club have gone underground actually. But as a westerner, there will be local who will be happy to point you where to go to experience this strange woman ability.

Too bad she has only one day in Bangkok, there are much more to experience and there could have been more to be written!
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-11-20 09:41:38
Well, it's actually THAILAND but many things changed now. however, you'll find that Bangkok still the city of angels (although traffic jams here are suck)

I think this is even too good for Bangkok.However, you have to come and see by yourself.
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Submitted by IceCube on 2007-11-20 20:33:42
Well, I live in the country and since I was borne there too, I know a little bit about the ‘Thais’ and their mentality (not necessarily like all of them though!)

The fondling of your body parts is really quite odd. I wonder this happened before your depart to Thailand? By a ‘Thai smiling lady’? I have been travelling quite a lot during the past 20 years plus and knowing mostly that the checking for security will be done by the local authority. That is if you depart from Bangkok, the Thai authority will search you. The scenario you describe (i.e. someone fondling you intimate parts) should be happening when you depart from Thailand. You see mostly people will be smuggling heroin (the narcotic) out of Thailand (trafficking via Burma in the north via Thailand enroute to the world). The odd part is that sometimes heroin is stuffed in a condom and inserted in the vagina of a female; or even the rectum of the male; that’s probably most part of the reason you were probed through your private parts (other than she might find your attractive, and if you depart from Amsterdam, there might be a high chance that the lady you are talking about is from the Dutch authority herself. You see drugs are smuggled out of the Netherlands as well. (IceCube: (me):) has never been searched like that before, but most of my travelling were done with diplomatic passports. Despite having those immunities, I’ve heard that the wife of one of the previous foreign minister of my country was stripped search in Hong Kong. One of the Political Department director-generals from the foreign services was also put on stand in Hong Kong and search for weapon as well.
On the Bangkok road manner let me tell you, 140 isn’t the proper speed on the highway. Speed is max at 120 (that is on the motor way and express way, but Bangkokians do anything they like from 80-200. I sped once on the elevated high way from Bangkok to Pattaya at 180 and was beamed at by the car behind, as I’m on the fast lane. The driver behind was doing 220 Km per hour in a small Volvo S40 T. Turned out to be a colleague friend of mine from the same office knowing that I’ve just got a new Camry then. My top speed was 245 KmH but in a toll road from Jakarta to Punjak in a Honda prelude. I’ve just bought a Mercedes C230 2.5 AMG 204 horsepower, and can’t wait to test its spec of 238 KmH as advertised! Another friend of my brother bought a Ferrari and sped through it’s top speed from Bangkok to Pattaya, collecting three tickets. He said he bought the car, doesn’t mind paying the ticket, otherwise why buy a Ferrari if you can’t drive over 300.
Addition, fastest means of transport in Bangkok has become the underground and the elevated electrical trains these days. There are only few routs, but five more is adding at the moment. One will be able to travel from the airport to the connected routes in Bangkok in about 2-3 years time.
Having been in Bangkok for most part of my life, I’ve seen this show once having had to accompany foreign friends to this infamous tourist attraction. It was truly an amazing experience (probably the same way you feel, too). Over a decade ago, I worked in an office in a small street just opposite to Patpong and was introduced to the other side of it. During the daytime, there’s a club then call napoleon serving 30 kinds of sandwiches for lunch. Another super eating place there is called Mitsue, a fusion Japanese-Western restaurant selling all sorts of Japanese food and steak. After one golf game, a bunch of my friends were so hungry going into Mitsue. There’s large size of streak serving 480 gram of streak (with meat from a farm ran by Japanese in northeast Thailand). My American friend ordered them to double the size of the steak, and I followed. The chef thought that since these guys were so hungry, he cut one kilo. We ended up each one having one kilogram of streak! They were good. Besides, then there’s a large Russian fish in the fish tank, but it died already. They replaced a smaller fish of the same kind but it probably grown bigger by now.

I myself also visited Amsterdam red light district, Pigalle in Paris, 42nd street in New York, King Cross in London, Shinjuku in Tokyo (not that I am a pervert or sexual addicted person but throughout the period I lived in those area, there must be someone asking me to go to these places with them!). I think the only place came close to Patpong is the red light district in Amsterdam (but only the comparison of the celebrated openness of it.) I think the Thais took the show a little too far that those shows are more a show of weirdness than sexual arouses. Comparing red-light places of all, I think Pigalle still stood up to its atmosphere of erotic mystery and novelistic place. Or perhaps especially when I went there going into Crazy Horse when I spot a beautiful young girl by the shadow of a light post. Too bad she turned away to the small space between doors of a building, knowing that she was selecting her client as much as being selected! I was a student then, and my look was just a curiosity, as obviously I couldn’t possibly afford her.
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-11-20 20:59:52
well,i'm the one who live in Thailand,and i agree that my country very beautiful,i've been to many places in thailand.but i'm not much travel in Bangkok,for me i like to be with natural more than the city,i've been to the kah samui,krabi,phi phi island,lanta island phuket,phang nga,pattaya ,ra young,chingmai,changrai,laei and somesmall plases,and sure my favorite please is "krabi" i think there are the most beautiful place in thailand,nice beach,beautiful island,not too busy,people there so kindly...anyway about night life here its just seem like on this article...but you if you really want to know how is real night life for thaipeople,you should go to the place where is thai people like to go,it is not just a tourist location.becasue something is just different from a toursit place.
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