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Home » Articles » Destinations » Asia » The New India
The New India
Submitted by lisa on 2007-05-11 04:38:53 (via
The India’s “WOW” factor drives people no matter how many times they visited it before. “Even in the centre of the cities you can see people that looked like they’ve just walked out of the Old Testament. Drivers can and do pull out into the road, even major highways, without a signal or even bothering to look in their mirror”. Sounds promising:).
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-09-10 09:06:40
It really is true and definately this is what My country looks like , I think its because of the population and pollution that you see and ofcourse the life's busy with people working hard to eard their bread n corn And the animals yup true The cows and the dogs you'd always find walking like they own the roads , Its simply about the freedom everyone's free but you see alot of freedom isn't good afterall makes up a mess!
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Submitted by taureanfire19 on 2007-09-10 09:33:01
Hey! this is absolutely true n dis is only bcoze of high population and less income of people.Labour is very cheap here.Everyones free to do whatever one wants but under limits.Education was not important in the past and thats why this is the condition of my country.But the modern generation is good and one will definately not see such things in the coming future.Ders absolute freedom here!!! n thats y such a mess!!! But this is what makes Inida the most vibrant, free country!! Everyone who steps into the indian soil feels a warm welcome n a place one can call home.Ders lots of respect and love amongst indians and we alaways share it wid anyone who visits us and we are united alaways!!! N thats why anyone who visits
India falls in love wid dis country bcoz india has one thing which other countries dont have at all n thats is enormous beauty, love n faith in God!, emotional respect, intelligence and will to WIN alaways!!!!
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Submitted by taureanfire19 on 2007-09-10 09:34:16
Ders lot more good den the bad mentioned here.One will only feel it wen one visits the country!
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-09-10 20:53:19
Hello. This is totally true becuase India is overpopualted so everyone is always on the road trying to get to the place they need to get too. Nobody uses the lanes or their siganls. Now, this isn't true in all over India. I have been to a place called Chandigarh and there people at least where helmets while riding on scooters or motorcycles. Also, people use lanes there as well, and there is less noise, such as in other places using the car horn is very common and LOUD! haha =]
Anyways, there are good and bad points about India and if you are planning to ever visit India, please consider the good points and try your best to ignore the bad points as best as you can! :)
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Submitted by DC on 2007-09-11 04:19:17
India is juz like any other country, what makes it different is it's diverse culture, different languages, different colours, different people, Spicy Food, & a lot more. But yes in major cities there is huge chaos on the roads, but because of the huge population, although it sounds really chaotic, but it is'nt so much anywayz.One really needs to come down to India & see it himself/herself to understand it & feel it's beauty. It's beauty is not in the freshly constructed tall buildings or malls, or Multiplexes, but the age old monuments, & people who are still attached to the old traditions, one needs to visit the villages here & travel with the real people in loacal trains to feel the real India.

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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-09-11 07:35:25
This is not fully come out from real India.i think the autor visited only the part of crowded,over populated and less educated places.if any one visit to here there is lot of information sites like of wb palaceonwheels and also indian railway having facility with eticket or special foreigner cell locating around the world.This article only handle the crowded city like of mumbai.This is not an ultimate word of india ,try and go thru really nice places and learn about culture.
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Submitted by sachin on 2007-09-11 07:58:43
It is said that.. Necessity is the Mother of Invension... there is no wonder that we (Indian) live and make our ways in whatever kind of situations are... this applies to everywhere in life of indians... life teaches everything when requires... so its not just matter of india.. it also would be at many places in the world.. :)
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Submitted by lisa on 2007-09-11 08:12:29
Hey I remember when I was in India, they used to drive these funny Auto Rickshaws (called as Three wheeler scooter rikshaws). Do they still use those?
Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-09-11 08:27:49

i have a love and hate relationship with my own country. i come from bangalore, and at times i absolutely hate this place and at times its quite okay. is you talk about Cosmo cities. yeah, the traffic is overwhelming. sometimes i wonder where are so many people coming from and where exactly are they going? the pollution in Bangalore gets to me. there is so much chaos around. what is even wore i the noise. then there are these auto rickshaw drivers who tamper with their meters to rip you off some money and charge you more. and you have to haggle with them all the time.. it can get pretty crazy out here in india. i don't know if i love it or hate it with respect to other countries.

the point is that this is how it is here. you either live with it or well, leave. i have contemplated the thought can we change; but i think this is the way things are and no one seems to mind it, even though they crib a lot.

what most people call it chaos; i would say it is nothing but an organized chaos. people do follow structure if you realize how Indian chaos works. everyone is ok with it.

now when we come to places such as udaipur and other traditional areas and people call it something out of the old testament, i wonder. the point is, that the culture of india.. and its essence lies in how we dress and live. i think this is why foreigners come to india right? to experience a new culture. if all places become cosmo what would be the joy in that?

there is also a quote somewhere saying india has not changed one bit. i feel india has changed in terms of outlook etc. the deeper pockets of the country use computers and technology and there is progress. but they also live the lifestyle they want to, and still wear a sari. nothing wrong with it, right?

what i have observed in the recent outcomes of the country is that; there is a huge increase in crime. and the women are becoming increasingly unsafe. we do need some laws that work. the youth has become a little erratic... and well.. the post is already long so i shall stop here... there is a lot to write; the gist is; india is a good experience.. in the form of an adventure. its shockingly dramatic!!
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-09-12 04:35:34
This is a pretty informed article on India, and I do agree with you on most of it. It is definitely the proverbial culture shock for the average European/North American. This is usually because apart from the color and exotic languages and customs, poverty and over-population and crime are much more “in your face” here. That’s what most tourists comment on – how they can’t deal with the fact that little children are begging at each street light, or how people sleep on pavements, etc. But it’s important to see these realities, to know why something is the way it is. One should distance oneself from the cultural stereotypes associated with India (jungles, elephants, beggars, holy men) and visit the country with some prior understanding of its history (both colonial and post-colonial) and it’s social climate.

The truth is, there are a lot of things in India for us to be proud about (fast-growing economy, hard-working labor force; rich cultural traditions, etc.). But at the same time, even though we are one of the world’s oldest civilizations, there exist some age-old trends that work to our detriment:
Over-population (protection during intercourse is still a taboo subject for most, and many Indian women have little say in deciding the size of the family).
Overly-strong attachment to religious and social ritual – thus the continued tensions between Hindus and Muslims in states like Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh; and the importance still placed on caste status, even within well-educated families in metropolises like Delhi, Bombay and even abroad. This is fanned by extreme fundamentalist groups who believe in violence and targeting innocent civilians in order to make the government see their point of view (as I write, the VHP is blocking all major roads in Delhi to demand that a particular bridge in south India not be demolished to make way for a dam because the bridge is considered – in the Ramayana – to be the bridge Lord Ram crossed to get to Sri Lanka. Thanks to these demonstrations, millions of office-goers are taking 3-4 hours to get to their places of work).
The high inequality and inequity in gender positions – stereotypical notions of the weaker sex and the Indian wife being obedient and subservient. Again, this is believed not only in the villages, but even amongst the more educated classes. And so even though sati is outlawed and has not been practiced in decades, Indian society still expects the woman to “know her place” and do everything the man wants. Even more disturbing is the skewed sex-ratio in some states like Haryana – because some families value male babies over female, this leads to instances of the girl child being “gotten rid off”.

And problems that are perhaps not as old but which have plagued India for as long as I can remember:
Poverty is the result of over-population and too many people gunning for too few jobs. Thus, a large percentage lives Below the Poverty Line (BPL) and unemployment/under-employment is rampant.
Government hypocrisy and inefficiency – being the world’s largest democracy is not really all that great an achievement, because it does not mean we are an efficient or fair political system. Bribes, corruption and nepotism are the order of the day, with every second politician holding a police record for embezzlement or physical assault. Politicians’ sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, grandchildren and great-grandchildren automatically join politics simply because of who they are, regardless of what they know or can do for the common man. The Indian bureaucracy is an archaic machine, and trying to get anything done requires a great deal of patience, time and money (the latter is often needed to provide motivation). Taxes are rocketing and yet one cannot see what advantages VAT (which is 12.5%), liquor tax (20%), etc. bring to ordinary citizens, because social infrastructure (such as healthcare) is rubbish (unless you’re rich, in which case you can go to a private clinic).
Ineffective judicial and police systems send the message that only the rich and/or powerful can get justice and immunity from crimes committed. Nowadays, people see a cop in New Delhi, and quickly change direction because they’re afraid the cop is going to harass them unnecessarily (which happens quite often).
Social apathy in general – no one cares as long as their own routines or comforts aren’t disturbed (which is why in some places a group of people will just watch as a man harasses a woman on a public bus or as a gang beats up an unarmed person).

Perhaps when some of these key issues are addressed, we can honestly talk about “India shining”. Until then, this debate is just a lot of smoke and mirrors.
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Submitted by Jude0438 on 2007-09-14 09:28:14

This has always been in the minds of many Indians and me too, whether to remain in India or migrate to another country. But for me personally, what we have in India, you will not find it anywhere.
I love to travel. I love the cities of Europe. I even travelled to Germany and loved every bit of it. But there is something about India that has a different sense of attraction.
There are so many places in India which I have never been especially the North of India, but by the pictures that I have seen, really makes me proud. I love to travel to Goa. If you like the beach n the sun, Goa is the places with beautiful beaches, magnificient churches, amazing food and I would recommend everyone coming to India to come to Goa. But there are other beautiful places unexplored (by me), uncontaminated, rich in beauty and scenery.
The cities will certainly be crowded, congested, polluted by there are villages in India which is really beautiful to visit and see.
Please go to to know more about our country and the places that you can visit.
Anyway, hope I have been of some guide to those who want to visit this vibrant country.
P.S. You'll never know till you've seen it all.
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Submitted by forcaren on 2007-09-17 07:42:30
I have read all the comments about India and I must tell you that these are some people who might had a bitter experience cause of lack of communication. I apologize to all of them on behalf of my India.
But, the number of people who visit India and are very happy being in India taking Indian culture and customs is much more than them. I would like to tell you that people outside from India get married with Indian traditions and rituals.
I accept that some places in India are unsafe for women (for men also) some places are not worth travelling and I think it happens everywhere in the world. If I come to your country, I will also find some places like that. if you have a friend whocan speak the local language to communicate with the local people and knows about India then I assure you that your journey would be a greaaaaaat experience and you would love to come to India again and again.
There are a lot of people around the world who reside in India permanently. A lot of students pursuing their careers from Indian Universities. Indian food is world famous, if you know.
Indian culture and family values.
There is a lot to tell you about India. I must tell you that one bad thing hides hundred good things and thats what happened in those comments.
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-09-29 03:13:48
I am absolutely bowled over by this excellent article titled 'The New India'. The article so well presents the various aspect of contemporary India.
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2009-07-07 05:08:56
I read your article. You have good information about Travel India. Good. Keep it up!
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