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Home » Articles » Destinations » Asia » In Brunei, a most lavish slice of life
In Brunei, a most lavish slice of life
Submitted by pablo on 2007-06-12 04:47:45 (via
Brunei has a lot to offer: from the abundance of Benzes to above-water communities. Bandar Seri Begawan, its capital, has three notable features and within less than an hour, one can see just about everything, but there is always more left to enjoy, like great movie experiences in luxurious hotels and ceremonious arrival of government officials.
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Submitted by Amber on 2007-06-18 07:42:07
Reading this article, I can hardly believe what is described here is true... sounds very unreal as if somebody has made it up. HOw accesible for tourists is this place? And how can you get a visa for such? I'm curious, do people in the countyside live as abundantly well as in this city?
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-09-01 11:16:26
Just look on youtube... and search I love kuala belait... there should be a guy singing.... that describes it all!!!
Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-09-02 22:07:15
That is prettymuch true i live in Brunei, It is completely safe from crime i always feel very safe! You can drink here but just not in public most people who live out here have a bar in their house and quite a few of the restaurants you can drink in you just need to bring your own alcohol. They might ask you to keep the bottle under the table or they will pour it in to a teapot or something such like. I would recommend a car their are no pavements, and the areas are spread out so you wouldn't be able to walk to them! Depends where u r 4 a visa if u r from the uk and i think Australlia as well u can stay here 4 30 days without a visa! The people that live on the water village are just as well off as people in the city they just to live there! Royal Brunei airlines does flights to here from many destinations! But u could not come on holiday here 4 2 long as there is not 2 much to do but passing in it is def worth a look. I always say to every1 Brunei is something u can not explain! Hope this helps
Submitted by christine on 2008-09-02 10:32:45
what language do they speak there? is English a common used one?
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-09-02 18:37:30
i actually live in Brunei English is widely spoken in shops etc. It is pretty much how it was explained it is a lovely place no crime. You can bring alcohol into Brunei but you have to drink it in your house or even in some restaurants, you sometimes just have to drink it from a tea pot! i would recommend a car there is not to much to see but to get to the different areas you would def need a car. I have lived here for 1 year now and am still happy.
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