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Home » Articles » Destinations » Asia » Beauty or Bleakness? Seeking Jazz in Kyrgyzstan During the Holiday Season
Beauty or Bleakness? Seeking Jazz in Kyrgyzstan During the Holiday Season
Submitted by pablo on 2007-06-15 03:12:46 (via
Somebody took the challenge to find jazz musicians in the world's most unlikely places and reached “Switzerland of Central Asia”. It sounds even more difficult if we take in account that he started his adventure in winter- not a very touristy time. As a result, Kyrgyzstan hosted its first-ever international jazz festival…
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Submitted by christine on 2007-06-20 03:47:32
it's very funny how something that is common for somebody seems weird for others.. I've experienced that myself quite a lot. Weight scales on the streets seem to amaze all the westerners when they go to the East.
do you intend to go there and organize a second jazz festival? because if you do insist, maybe there will appear a jazz audience in Kyrgyzstan
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Submitted by Jigu on 2008-01-16 23:39:13
hi, my name is Jigu and i live in Kyrgyzstan.
i don't know, i really don't, what kind of tourist or explorer, whoever he is, but i am NOT agree with him. yes, most of those facts are true. but those are the things that made his visit miserable.
1) do you know when he visited Kyrgyzstan? i think it was the worst time ever to visit my country. I just found out that he visited Kyrgyzstan after the National Revolution. no tourist could visit Kyrgyzstan at that time, because it was so dangerous time not only for tourists, but even for the people over here. can you imagine?
2) do you think winter is a good time to visit? i don't think so. the beauty of Kyrgyzstan appears in the summer time. it's pretty cold over here in winter. you can't really do something. philosophers have said that Kyrgyzstan is the heaven of the Earth. but you can see that heaven in summer. not in winter.
3) Bishkek does not represent the whole Kyrgyzstan. it's only our capital. i can't say, "i went to Boston, and Americans are ...blah blah..." am i right? of sourse, US is a big country and i don't want to compare those two countries. but i felt like that when i was reading that passage. there's nothing to see in Bishkek. it's a city. everybody has seen a city. the most important things for the tourists are, to see special places, historic places,to have some adventure, to see beautiful places... right? you can do all of those things
in Kyrgyzstan, but not in Bishkek.
4) would you go to a country where you don't really know anyone, or don't really have a tour guide(whatever you say it)? i wouldn't. especially if they don't speak the language i speak. is he crazy? i know he had a guy who helped him, but he had to have a better one. he had to have a guy who is able to help him to travel all over the KG(Kyrgyzstan) if Mark really wanted to write about the KG.
5) Kyrgyzstan is not the US. we're not that developed. we're a new country. we're using the laissez-faire economy for only 16 years. we were communists. as you know communists never develope. and our culture is different than Americans. i had a huge culture shock during my first month of my exchange year. i'm sure he had the same feeling too. yes i take that we have no fast-foods like McDonalds, Burger King and stuff like that. everything is really cheap as China is right next to us. most of the people are poor. we don't listen to Jazz. but if Mark visited the KG at the right time and had a person who really understood him, he would have no problems, instead he would have an awesome time in Kyrgyzstan. once again, Mark can't stereotype the KG according to just Bishkek. if he wants to talk about the KG, first he has to travel all over the KG. i live in the south part of Kyrgyzstan, in a city called Osh, the second biggest city in Kyrgyzstan. we celebrated its 3000 year anniversary in 2000. its just one of the places one can really visit. ther are hundreds of them.we're gonna travel all over the KG in July with my host parents(i was an exchange student in the US last year). i will personally show them the places that are really good. i believe we'll have an awesome time. i'm gonna ask them after the travel if they can share their thoughts about Kyrgyzstan with others. then i'm gonna try to put it in this site. I AM NOT AGREE WITH MARK(or whoever wrote this passage)
Kyrgyzsan is a good country to visit.
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-01-17 14:51:18
I couldent actually read this entire revier of the country I love so much. I am American born and am married to a russian native of Tokmok Kyrygzstan. We lived together in Bishkek for two years before coming back to the USA to finish our education. When we return I do not plan to leave again. All of the people of kyrgyz heritage who read this should understand the person who is reading this. The man who is writing this is oviously a jazz music snob. And Kyrgyzstan Simply dindt appeal to him because it didnt have what he wanted. It would be like coming to texas to look for snow and skiing just because you decided it should be there! YOu cant simply decide an entire country is "Bleak" Simply because it doesnt suit you. America does not suit me but im not going to write an entire essay about how I think its food is terrible and makes you sick or how I think almost all american young girls act like free Whores. This is simply my opinion and I dont expect the rest of the world to share it. If you like america that is fine with me. I just dont. However most people do not know about kyrgyzstan and by writing this he is doing a GREAT diservice to the country making everybody think its dangerious ( which is absolutely not if your not stupid I feel MUCH safter there. At least children can walk to school alone without fear of being raped!!) and that all the people are stupid ( which is very funny since every kyrgyz exchange students who have come to the states are ALL at the very top of their classes. I know my husband and all of my friends were.) So if he gets pleasure out of running down another country and trying to spoil their economy which is based almost entirely on Tourism! So I say shame on him for running down our great nation and for mistaking kindness and enthusiasm for stuidity and nagging.
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