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Home » Articles » Destinations » Asia » Maldives 2004
Maldives 2004
Submitted by pablo on 2007-06-19 01:36:17 (via
When speaking about the Maldives, even getting there can turn out to be adventurous. 26 degrees all year round, sunny, good diving, good viz even in plankton blooms, lots of marine life, relaxing, good food, appealing discounts - all these make the islands look as a real piece of heaven for divers and any tourists.
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-06-25 01:44:28
helo who ever u r but i think u sud write things that u enjoyed with out blamin yo unfortunate holiday u sud thank that u was ever in maldives.maldives is a poor country we have nothing else as economic more than makin the place a tourist holiday place thats is what we do for life n u sud respect that we try our best to make it a natural paradise u never said any thing about the white sand beaches n the blue seas n lagoons never said any thing about the beautiful sweet hearted plp there tryin to make yo holiday an holiday welll u think that cost much well holidays r must to be costy rem ali pointed out a simple thing the aniversary of ya frnd.what ever u say i think u sud take a think positive class coz any thing that cums out of ya head is a negative most plp die to see maldives well i will say its the heaven made by allah yo very critical n frustrated person so i hope u wont cum to maldives n it will be much better try n see any other place just dive n try to cee beautiful corels or fishes i dare u wont try to find so kind carin plp i dare u so proude of my country n i will always say theres no paradise than maldives we have all natural beauty if ya surf all over the world u wont see it alll.yo the rudes person i have ever seen n hope u wont write such critical things about a such place we may be poor in many ways but we r richer in everything than u have.we r the most happiest plp in world try findin peace any where u will find it here.hope my comment is seen by every 1 plz dont beleive this man hes just a frustrated rude and critical person.beleive me i live away from, home and always dream to be bk home miss the peacefulness the kind hearted plp so carin u will rem forever the beaches the sea i miss it more than any thing that is my home this guy criticizin about hw cud u feel when i bad about yo place coz i think there will be million of reasons to criticize and if ya bored of life than be a film stars criticizin reporter and write articals about them every bodies doin it so u wont end up bad mouthing o hurting plps feelings hope every 1 sees this coz am writin alll in behalf of my country.we all r humans and we work very hard so respect our work and our feelings.
to all maldives is a paradise
to me its heaven
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