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Home » Articles » Destinations » Asia » Alan's Macau Guide
Alan's Macau Guide
Submitted by christine on 2007-06-19 02:44:13 (via
From reading tourist literature, you probably imagine Macau as a sleepy little colonial town with European grace. It fights to be claimed attractive and thankfully, it does have its charms if you know what is worth wasting time on. It pays to be selective and half of the work has been done for you through this excellent article.
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Submitted by Adele on 2007-06-21 06:12:58
If it was after me I would outlaw casinos all around the world... I guess I'm yet to learn who would want to travel to another country on a vacation and sit in a casino wasting money...? While there is a lot of beautiful places to visit and impressive sites to see.
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-06-21 13:08:24
Macau is a really interesting place. Its an asian country mixed with european culture. The signs are all portuguese yet everyone speaks cantonese. Just looking at the old version of Macau takes about a day.
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Submitted by mag on 2007-08-09 08:27:50
Macau is really a gd place for u, if u aim at enjoying your trip lesuirely and walking around for sightseeing. One of the difference between HK and Macau is that u can enjoy the no-rush-atmosphere in Macau, but absolutely not in HK.
There are many European architectures in Macau since it was an colony of Portugal once upon a time. Last year, many of these historical architectures are succesfully listed in World Heritage and renamed "The Historic Centre of Macao".
for detail information, u can refer to there shows some of the major attractions.
Since 2004, there is major business development in Macau. Many businesses in Las Vegas invest in Macau, like Wynn, MGM, Sands, Venetian and also Crown from Australia. These are not just casinos, but also resorts and hotel of 5 and 6 stars. You can enjoy the high-class and comfortable facilities and entertainment there while you travel in Macau. You may also shop among the high class brand stores in there. You may little of this kind of resorts or hotel in Macau 5 years ago, but not for now. You will only find out that you have so much choices.
Venetian, which will be opening in these days(Aug 28), also aims at exhibition while you may watch a lot of shows and events later on.
As you see, apart from the historical attractions, you may also have some "modern" ones for entertainment. By the way, the Macau Tower is already opened for quite a long time. You may go up to the tower and have a beautiful scene of Macau.
If you still refer a more "silent" place, you can go to Cunha Street, Taipa (as what is refer as Taipa Village in the passage). Other spots in Taipa as shown in the passage are attractive for photo taking too!!
The restored house was not an early casino, but really a house of the residents decades ago. As I have mentioned, Macau is a colony of Portugal, there were many Portuguese and superior officers living here. This a famous photoshooting spots for many weds nowadays.
You can also appreciate an delicious Portugal meal at the Military Club.
Nowadays, you may still see a lot of Portuguese in the street of Macao since many of them still stay and live here. There's also people from different countries too.
Due to the development in businesses and our own historical architectures, more and more people in other places get to know this small place - Macau.
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Submitted by bomju on 2007-08-10 03:59:01
u appreciate the scene of Macau not only in Taipa n Coloane, but also in Macau Island. in Macau Island, u can enjoy yrself or anywhere by tricycle cos there's numerous European & Portugal buildings left, moreover, ancient temples ar also gd. Sumtimes, u may meet the pedlar hawkers fortunately, they know how to make the tranditional snack......u can't stop yrself.
1 more thing should be mentioned here that u ve to take the catalogues liked map(including bus-route), entertainment or so, it's free from tourism institute.
Submitted by mag on 2007-08-09 08:52:47
by the way, i have little introduction about Coloane. Since there's not much attractions (as i think). There's not much development there as in Taipa, while hotels like Venentian and Grand waldo situated around the area between Taipa and Coloane. ( we call that area as Cotai).

oh ya..Hac Sa beach is in Coloane, "Hac Sa" when spoken in Cantonese means "Black Sand". I dont think it's beautiful there, the sea there is somewhat like in brown or yellow color, somewhat like the color simliar to the soil, maybe bcuz of the sand.

Almost all the streets are named in Portuguese. People here speak Cantonese, while some percentage of the people may know portuguese too; because portuguese is a elective course in some high schools and universities. So when you ask for directions for some spots, the citizens in Macau may not know what you are referring when you say the spots in portuguese names, unless you know how to say the names in Cantonese or Mandarin. Therefore, a smart tip is show them the picture in your guide book or the map :)
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-08-10 04:17:48
If you would like to know anything specific,
I read the comments, most of them are accurate. I have only been here since 02/01/07, I’m from Sydney Australia. The two official languages here are Portuguese & Cantonese’s. Cantonese’s being the main language, there is not as much English spoken here as there is in Hong Kong. Hac Sa beach is very pretty, with lots of bbqs in the park next to the beach. I wouldn’t want to swim in the water though, because the water is polluted from the Pearl River delta. What isn’t mentioned in the website is the food here is terrific; you can get any type of food you like. The person who was negative about the casinos must have lost some money. I don’t gamble but still enjoy going to the casinos, as they put on entertainment and have good bars & restaurants. The casino all have free shuttle buses that go to the airport, ferry and the boarder crossing. Most of the people here use them just to get around, as the local buses, although cheep ($3.30mop) gets overcrowded. I really like the place. The people here are friendly and I feel very safe here. Most of the locals here use motor scooters to travel around.Jim
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-08-10 05:41:38
Macau is the new las vegas. We have over 35 casinos here and more on the way. Glaxay casino and the city of dreams will be opening in taipa in 2009. Venetian will be opening at the end of August and its suppose to be the biggest casino in the world. Other than casinos we have alot of historic culture. People here do speak mainly cantonese and mandarin or a little portugese. I have only lived here for over 9 months but I like the lifestyle and the atmosphere.
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-08-10 06:56:48
well....macau is just a small country..but interesting though with many casinos around .there are still cool places to go like the beach the malls...and the dome where u can do any sports ..and lots of hotels yah and swimming pool...but the thing is macau was udner portuguese before but now returned to china..haha..but i love living here in macau..i heard that it will become LITTLE las vegas...coz..venetian is being built now..cant wait to ride on the little boat like in venice ....ok thats it
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-08-13 08:56:26
A decade ago, Macau was a quiet town with no foreign enterprises but STDM, a casino which own by Standly Ho. We controlled by Portuguese government for almost 400 years.

Actually macau is a good place for travelling becoz we combine with gaming and world heritage, which is a special city around the world. There are many cuisines like Thai, Japanese, French, Vietnam, Sichuan.....etc. Besides, many special local cuisines can also find all around the street.

The best travelling time is on October to November and February to April becoz the climate over these months are good for travelling.
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-08-26 21:34:11
Very interesting view of Macau. Is quite obviously old since the boom Macau has "suffered" changed its landscape dramatically but still, very interesting and accurate. However, you do need to spend some time in Macau to fully appreciate it. Another way is to have someone helping you - if not, you will find that it is not has calm as it used to be.
"mag" did explain accurately what is currently going on in Macau but my advice still is to find someone in there to help you out while in Macau... Lots of people are quite friendly and are used to spend a day showing Macau to their guests, friends and visiting' relatives...

Still, good work!
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