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Home » Articles » Destinations » Asia » Sri Lanka - A Magical Island
Sri Lanka - A Magical Island
Submitted by lisa on 2007-06-19 06:06:53 (via
“However beautiful a country, a visit can be made or broken by the friendliness of the people.” For any tourist who visited Sri Lanka previously returning to this island is an imperative. And so it will become for the affectionate travelers as after reading this article, this Asian island will make its way to the top of their future trip list.
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-06-23 23:35:37
sri-lanka,colombo in partictulary.would be the worst place i have ever been for a soon as you hop off the aircraft,their are armed personal all with machine guns waiting for the tamils.the first hotel we stayed at was in Negombo,classified as three star it was abosolutely awful.i'd give it 1 star and that is overating it.the hotel in colombo.was far better at least 4 star and all meals were included.our fist day at the friend and i went walking to buy some coke.we were picked up by a young man wanting to know if we needed any help,he said he would take us in a tuk-tuk to buy the goods .he took us for a ride alright,being the nice man he was,he talked us into going to the local orphanage,to see a 100 year old elephants tooth that was taken out of it box only 1 day in a year.we gave the orphanage a good donation,picked up the coke and headed back to the hotel.about 5 mins from hotel our guide,made a phone call.they droped us off just before the hotel.charged us an enormous amount of money for nothing,as soon as we hopped out of the tuk-tuk ,my friends pocket was picked,luckily i saw him doing it,my friend had no idea.colombo town was a bit likes shanghai at the turn of the actually pulled there own wagons full of stores.dont let ne put you off sri -lanka,apparently,if you travel into the country a bit every is friendly and there are no problems.we went to kandy and the tea plantations,a long drive,but enjoyable,i dont think we left our hotel grounds after that,until it was time to say good-bye and good riddance.sri-lanka for me .NEVER again.our visit was about 6 years ago.
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Submitted by dinuka on 2007-12-11 02:45:53
Try to come.and you won't find any difficulty again...Srilanka is in a war situation with TERRORIST.but not with the TAMILS
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