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Home » Articles » Destinations » Africa » Ethiopia for three weeks
Ethiopia for three weeks
Submitted by pablo on 2006-11-28 03:12:51 (via
It’s always funny to read westerners’ travelogues on Africa: the perspective is usually hilarious. Like this article, which ends with “anyway, Friends and Family, do not come to Ethiopia”. Now imagine its content. Or better read it yourself for a good laugh! Some flashes of honesty reveal the real beauty of this country; those are priceless!
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Submitted by MeganL on 2006-12-22 11:06:18
Also part of the conclusion: "They don't know what a budget traveler is. They think every white person has $100 bills in their pockets." Ah, the irony of stating that Ethiopians are less able to understand the realities of the budget better than an American college student who has had to have extra pages added to his passport because of all the trips he's taken.

And I do understand how much it sucks to be ripped off by someone you thought was a friend, but... white travelers, even "budget travelers" DO have $100 bills in their pockets. I'm not white, but I travel with about $500 cash in my money belt... everyone does, because you don't always know when the next ATM is coming. "Locals" aren't stupid. Yeah, we don't want to be ripped off or cheated or taken advantage of, but please let's not pretend we're poor, because if we're traveling solely for enjoyment, we are not poor.

This writer comes to a LOT of conclusions about the people he's interacted with that made me raise my eyebrows. For example, when he met the dude who had spent 10 years in a refugee camp but still ended up speaking pretty good English (a second language) and hoped to better his life through work, and all the writer wanted to do was come up with a joke about 18 year old sixth graders?

I'd like to see where the writer would end up after 10 years in a Sudanese refugee camp and whether he'd have the determination to enter the 1st grade ten years behind and persevere through the sixth grade as an adult. To tell this person that he needs to "help [himself]" is the most amazing insult I can imagine. He HAS helped himself.

And then the writer decides that this "18 year old sixth-grader" is a potential terrorist who would shoot someone for bread and tea? Wow. Wow.

Well, the warning did not work. I'm still going to visit Ethiopia one of these days. It sounds wonderful.
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Submitted by lisa on 2006-12-25 02:18:00
You're right Megan, this article shouldn't spoil anyone's intentions to visit Ethiopia - but I can still feel some (a LOT of) sarcasm in the piece so I don't think it should be taken very seriously.

But then, it's a pretty narrow perspective on the country. I think it was wourth a more thorough analysis. So I tend to agree with you and your comments.
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