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Home » Articles » Destinations » Central America and Caribbean » Bicycling vacation Costa Rica
Bicycling vacation Costa Rica
Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-07-03 13:22:01 (via
Bicycling in a tunnel of green in tropical rain forest where rivers and waterfalls rustle, orchids bloom and monkeys swing screaming from tree to tree. The Pacific coast is dry, but every now and then volcano peaks are obscured by clouds. The Caribbean coast is wet. This is Chiquita land.
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Submitted by roxy on 2007-07-05 04:13:24
it's a pity that you haven't seen any volcano close.. but it seems like there was one in every location you were going..
Are there so many volcanoes in Costa Rica? And are all of them active?
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-07-05 05:17:01
Hi Roxy,

There are 112 volcanoes in Costa Rica, but only 7 of them are active. Thanks for your reaction.
Off The Beaten Track
Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-11-09 11:47:27
you can see a couple of them really close, on the edge of the crater like the poas, irazu, turrialba and barba volcano.
Submitted by roxy on 2007-07-06 01:16:24
you mentioned about "parading Ticos"? I thought these were the locals, but then.. do they have something like a parade in the local parks?
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-07-06 04:08:26
No, "parading" as in strolling to see and be seen... ;-). You know, as they also do in Mediterranean countries: dress Sunday's best and walk up and down the promenade. It's fun, especially when you're sitting somewhere with a drink, watching the whole thing.
Off The Beaten Track
Submitted by roxy on 2007-07-06 05:35:27
oh, yes.. That explains it all.
Thank you so much for your promptness.
it's true that there isn't much to do in the small towns, so they enjoy their time making up holidays for themselves.And that is the beauty of the sleepy, little, friendly towns, where they all know each's the same with this improvised torrida
if you don't mind.. how on earth do they decide who won or who is the champion to be cheered if literally everybody is out there taunting the bull?
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-11-09 11:48:47
that's small town stuff. it's just to enjoy the ride of the day and people to have fun
Submitted by Jenn on 2007-11-09 09:25:37
Hi there...
for the others that may come here and read this...( and the one who wrote it of course)...I most said you did a pretty good job on these travelogue.
I've been lucky enough and had the chance to be a turist on my own country and I most said is a beautifull place.
Althought there are a few mistakes, like the fact that Cartago is not on the pacific may be you meant Cartagena, thats a town in Nicoya. by the way the name of one of the cities you visit on the pacific is CAÑAS. hehe, thought you did went to Cartago, ( the cloudy place), something else I saw was that you said before getting to Siquirres you get to Puerto Limon, and is not like that, Siquirres is way before Puerto Limon.
And last but not least the phrase we use here is PURA VIDA!!!.
Don't take me wrong, I didn't meant to critizies your work I just wanted to clear some points so you know.
Im from San Jose, thought i had the chance to travel alot around here, so, if anyone feels like knowing anything else about Costa Rica or saying anything or whatever my email is

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