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Home » Articles » Destinations » Europe » A journey to Cyprus
A journey to Cyprus
Submitted by lisa on 2007-07-10 04:50:08 (via
Cyprus has been especially significant as the crossroads of European history. Myth and fact weave and intertwine in its history and one can easily find scenes that would, at least for the moment, make its mythology seem perfectly feasible. But there is more to fascinate the visitor than just history, the sunny Cyprus has something for everyone.
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-11-13 07:00:17
A very well worded article on south Cyprus. I wish you had the opportunity to visit the north part as well. When it's tourism and natural beauty, I would like to consider my island as a whole, although politically it is divided.
There are just a few minor 'mistakes' (or lack of info) in your article, but on the whole you have given good information in a story-like style.
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-11-13 10:18:22
Congratulations on a very fine,well versed article.Some inaccuracies but on the whole is very good.After all to write the history of Cyprus from antiquity to present day will many volumes.
I would like to point out that the Turkish-Cypriot minority appeared on the island many years after the Turkish invasion in late 16the early 17th century.This (minority)originally were Greeks who were converted to Islam.
On the other Greek language has been spoken on the island uninterupted for the few thousand years.
The location of the island had been and still is, of such stragetic importance which is curse and at the same time a blessing for it's inhabitants.
A curse in the sense that all through history the island has been in a turmoil.One have only to look in the history books of..,let say 2000 years ago,1500years ago 1000 years ago,500 years ago and today,will clearly see that history repeats itself, time and time again.Conquerors came and gone but the inhabitants kept their customs,heritage and language intact and will do so till the end...
I agree with the previous commentator.The island is ONE and indivisible.It's people is ONE and indivisible.
However,in all modern democratic states it is accepted that the majority will rule with respect to the rights of ALL minorities making sure that ALL prosper.Whereas the minority(minorities) keep a watchful eye on human rights.The paradox here! is that Turkey invaded the island(a sovereign state member of the U.N.)in 1997 under the pretext of protecting
the Turkish-Cypriot minority,divided the already divided island (see British Bases) in two separate zones unilaterally declaring a separate state in the north part which is still under the occupation of the Turkish army.If one accepts the Turkish argument,one does not help by reaching the conclusion that no state should exist in the modern world,let alone Turkey itself.
Of course is up to the people of Cyprus to sit down in good faith and negotiate a solution to their internal issue.Therefor what are ALL those foreign troops do on the island.The only purpose served by their presence is to deepen the division and bring about hate and extreem nationalism which so much hard ship has brought to the wretched Cypriots.
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Submitted by waracha on 2007-11-13 17:49:33
I really liked the article but unfortunately you ruined it for me when you started talking about 2 countries. It's sad because you've been here and visited historical places so I thought you would know a little more for the invasion and the political situation now. Cyprus is ONE country. In 1974 Turkish troops invaded Cyprus and ILLEGALY OCCUPIED half of the island.The north part of the island is STILL OCCUPIED. Turkey calls the occupied part as "Turkish Republic of Northen Cyprus" however Turkey is the ONLY country who recognise it. Cyprus is a member of the EU as ONE country. I hope I made it clear enough. I find it really ignorant when people make comments about the situation when they don't even know what happend and what's going on. You didn't even mention the invasion. Is this a joke? And as for the comment above I believe visiting an occupied place makes you as bad as the people who are occuping it. It would be like you supporting the Turks for what they did so I would suggest not to go yet. 40% of the people here are refugees. They still don't have the right to own their OWN homes, they are only allowed to VISIT their homes as TOURISTS in their own land. It is very sad and I hope there will be a good solution for once and for all soon. But in the meantime you need to learn a bit about the invasion so I would suggest you to check this site out

p.s. Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots dont have the same ancestors. Turkish Cypriots have Turkish and Greek Cypriots have Greek.There's a big difference between Turks and Greeks!
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-11-15 06:40:50
Well the description of Cyprus and some of the historical facts are true. The description of the recent history of the island is completely missing. What is mentioned is insufficient. In 1974 their was a Turkish military invasion of the island. It caused a lot of suffering. Inhabitants of the island were killed and raped etc. and people lost their properties and displaced. Half of the island now is occupied from the Turkish army who in 1983 they decided that they will make a ‘separate ‘state at the North, this is an illegal state that is has not been recognized by the rest of the world as well as the UN. When your at the north side your not protected by any international laws (though the island is as a whole in the EU). The north illegal state is only recognized and financed by Turkey.
Cyprus is Greek despite that other races live their. The Greek culture and language was always dominant despite foreign occupations. It has been like this for thousand of years and still is.The Turks were another minority, remnants of the Ottoman Empire.
Division of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots was reinforced by the colonial English governments that were controlling the island and they were using the ‘divide and rule’, method of governing, especially when the Greek Cypriots rise against them demanding union with Greece and independence from colonial rule.
After the independence of the island was granted (1960). The Turkish nationalists rise against the Cypriot government (which at the time was consisting of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots) fearing that the island will be unified with Greece and be controlled by Greek nationalist elements. (Greece at that time was under the Greek officers, dictatorship who they came to rule because of the foreign powers that were thinking that by establishing a dictatorship they would stop communism).
When the invasion happened in 1974 the Turks were claiming were on a peaceful mission!! trying to safe the local Turkish population. How can this be true ? I don’t know!! The invasion happened and all the world stood and just look.
Now the situation is difficult to asses of what is going to happen? after the resend referendum for unification failed.
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