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Home » Articles » Destinations » Europe » Prague - The new 'Top Three European City' location
Prague - The new 'Top Three European City' location
Submitted by pablo on 2007-07-11 02:59:54 (via
Prague is a spectacular highlight of any European trip. Although some of its attractions as the famous astronomical clock and Prague castle are worldwide renowned, there is still much left to be discovered along the city's medieval cobbled streets. Prague's charms can be hardly resisted and one will be determined to return again and again.
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Submitted by Curious on 2007-07-11 07:34:00
Prague is the most beautiful city in the world, you can get completely lost in the narrow, cobbler stone streets looking like "Diagon Alley" in Harry Potter movies, you can relax outside in the small restaurants, have some capuccino, and absorb the pulsing city around you. The time can stop there for you looking at the beauty. 1000 words would not describe what you have to see yourself at least once in a life time.
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Submitted by christine on 2007-07-12 05:11:53
Yes, this is what I like about Europe- there's so much culture, and history, and inspiration around that it really grows on you.
Are all the rooms of the Prague castle open to public access? because in most castles I visited the visitors could see only a few...
Submitted by system81 on 2007-08-03 07:16:27
Prague is really one of the most beautiful city and I have a Canadian friend who said that Prague is nicer than Montreal.
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-03-18 07:08:09
Based on reading that blog, most of the info is good, if you go there, i would suggest not going in july and august because that is the peak times and its really crowded.
One thing which was a mistake that those people did was go to the museums. Prague (and Czech in general) doesn't really have any great museums worth visiting, especially if your interests are pre 20th century art. This is mainly because when the Hapsburgs moved the imperial capital from Prague to Vienna, they took their art with them (which is also why Prague castle is so empty, all the stuff is in Vienna). So if art galleries are your thing, go to Vienna. But there is great architecture in Prague, spanning all ages, and its a great town to just walk around and get lost in. The museum of applied arts is pretty good though.
A really cool place to go is Vysehrad, especially when the weather is nice, as its mostly outside stuff.
The Jewish quarter is pretty nice, but unless you have an interest in Jewish history, I'd only go into the Spanish synagouge.
A friend of mine found a package - 1 week Prague, Vienna Budapest, I highly suggest this itinerary, but try to stay longer than 1 week. Kralovy Vary, Ceske Krumlov and Kutna Hora are all worth seeing as well (day trips from Prague).
Rough Guides Prague is a good guide to read.
One warning, DON'T TAKE TAXIS, they are known here as scam artists (taxis at the airport are different), and tourists are their favorite prey
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Submitted by Hannah on 2008-03-24 13:06:08
Yes, I agree with you. What the most magnificent in Prague, is architecture. The historical centre is full of nice older buildings built in different styles, but I think that Prague could have more modern buildings, because there are not so many of them built in last years maybey except "Dancing house:)" near the National Theatre. I hope to have Kaplicky's National Library in Prague - there is the project of modern library, but there are also two big groups of people - some of them really really like it and want it there, but on the other hand also many people really hate this project. I belong to people who really want the library to be there:)
I know we don't have many good galleries, but quite interesting is exhibition of modern art in Veletržní palác. It's the part of National Gallery, because it is spread out in various Prague spots - different arts are in different buildings.
There are also many nice parks full of green like Stromovka and in my opinion it is worth going to Petřín Tower, what gives one of the best views of the whole city (it was built as a coppy of the Eiffel Tower)..
What I also really like about Prague is that many great gigs takes place here and there is brilliant night life:) and many oportunities what to do - it is probably because I live just in small town:-/ quite far away any bigeer one.
Warning about taxis is quite important because Prague is well-known for this... unfortunatelly.
Many many people from foreign countries I was talking with told me Prague is one of the most beautiful city they've ever visited, but it is especially about the centre. Outskirts are not so pretty and there are many tags made by spreyers etc...
And that's true that Prague is full of tourists especially during the summer and winter, but there are many people whole year. And that's the reason why everything in Prague is too expensive, the most expensice food or coffee you can have just in centre of the city, but it rather logical:)
And if you want to go to Czech Rep. you should be prepaired on unpleasant shop assistant in many shops there. I don't understant their behavior, because they wouldn't have any job without their cutomers. And it is not just my opinion, when I was to England, many people that I met and talked with them about Prague said to me that Prague is really really beautiful city, but they don't like czech shop assistants...
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