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Home » Articles » Destinations » Central America and Caribbean » La Isla de Encantada
La Isla de Encantada
Submitted by kiwi on 2006-12-01 01:01:20 (via
Very engaging reading. It kinda takes you through the canyoning trip in El Yunque, the out of this world diving experience and the unordinary caving tour to discover that actually the mountains of Puerto Rico used the be the seabed. Surprised? All accompanied by the incessant chirping of Coqui's, small frogs that coat Puerto Rico like icing;o) Eeh!
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-08-08 04:42:06
iam from puerto rico what can i say i love the place i wont change it for nothing anywhere you go there amazing things to discover and see
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Submitted by dgon1329 on 2007-11-21 11:03:23
I lived in Puerto Rico for many years. It is a gorgeous place. Visited even Mona and Monito Islands, as well as Vieques and Culebra Islands.

The sound of the "Coqui" (it looks like a tiny frog, but it is not a frog) in the night was delicious.

But if you are interested in History, wow!!! Puerto Rico has it all. There are images from the Hispanic-American war of 1898 at the El Morro Fortress. There are also many Taino Indian arqueological sites. One major archeological discovery was made a few weeks ago in Ponce.

There are so many things to do in Puerto Rico. I trully recommend everyone to go and enjoy the Island of Enchantment (La Isla del Encanto).
Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-11-21 17:46:00
When in question what is "La Isla Del Encanto"
I think your site has the full definition!
Thank You for taking the time and documenting your trip I really do think you really saw PR

Boricua (Vicky J)

License plate states "Puerto Rico
Isla Del Encanto"
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