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Home » Articles » Destinations » Asia » The Taiwan Steak House
The Taiwan Steak House
Submitted by ieuandolby on 2007-12-07 13:34:57 (via
Eating out is a pastime in Taiwan! A past-time that involves fast eating, deft appropriation of extra food and skillfull piling of small plates to carry more one them!
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Submitted by uru1122 on 2008-03-05 09:58:59
I had no this kind of experience.NTD3000 for this meal makes me feel confused.However, I should confess Taiwaneses are greedy. If I pay,I don't stop eating until I'm full.
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Submitted by KingstonD on 2008-03-05 23:43:50
I personally never been to any steak house in Taiwan cause the steak house there is pretty expensive as compared to where I'm from. As for the squeezing out of customer if there are not eating, I agree yes and in many places this is the norm. And also the cashier always said the same words that bored me and should not be the cashier looks bored unless she don't feel like doing the job. I think doing the same job for her is a real bored and as for the food, I will of course have my heart content by enjoying the buffet until I have enough of it.
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-03-06 05:05:54
hello!i am lisa!
i think the night market in taiwan has many delicous food to eat!!!
and there is a good choose^^
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Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-03-07 08:40:05
See! What a active restaurant. I know the situation will scare some foreigners, but you need to know that day is X’mas eve. And that restaurant is not a high quality one, it’s just around 3 stars level. Some Taiwaness like those place, because they don’t need to pretend that they are noble or aristocratic.they are very nature people. And in that restaurant is all you can eat, so lots different kind people will go there.especially not rich one on that day.So it's not very difficult to understand their behavior.If you don’t like so many people around you, don’t choose that kind resturents. Or choose a little more expansive one, it will be much better. And NT.3000? I believe it’s all the payment for 4 to 6 people, and maybe add some money on X’man eve.
There are really lots good restaurants in Taiwan, and people are really good here. mybe some of them are not very good behavior when they eatting, but they still have good heart, and really friendly to foreigners.
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Submitted by Violet on 2008-03-12 10:10:14
well, I have never been to that kind of Steak House.But I think it's the real situation in Taiwan's steak house.Yet it still has othier good and high quality restaurants in Taiwan.The restaurant which in the pic of the article it kind of par franchise restaurant.
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