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 Travel Articles for Europe
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Here you will read some of the best, most captivating and humorous travel experiences, shared by your fellow travelers.
A trip in Italy
Submitted by mareforzanove on 2008-12-19 10:52:07 (via
So you say you want to go to Italy, well if you do you must ask yourself what you want. Do you want to see what everyone else does or do you want to be immersed in the culture, the drama, and the scenes of Italy? Do you want to taste it and smell it as if you were born there?
1  votes
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Christmas in Denmark
Submitted by lisa on 2008-12-18 07:16:53 (via
Although Christmas is considered to be a family holiday, none told that one should stay at home. You can always experience the real Christmas adventure by traveling to the land of fairy tales and elves: Scandinavia11 And Denmark would be a good start point.   More...
3  votes
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Submitted by roxy on 2008-12-17 05:49:07 (via
A trip to the eastern part of the Europe is always challenging and captivating, especially if talking about Balkans. This time it was Bosnia to catch the eye of our fellow travelers Jemetha and Robert. Follow them on their trip and see what this country has to offer.   More...
5  votes
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Travelling Provence, Côte d’Azur, French Riviera
Submitted by Mariangeles on 2008-12-03 08:39:08 (via
Travel information if you go to Provence in France for a holiday
3  votes
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A review of Malaga
Submitted by Mariangeles on 2008-12-03 05:45:36 (via
Malaga useful city guide with travel advices and accommodation recommendations.   More...
4  votes
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48 hours in London with 48 pounds!
Submitted by anacaona on 2008-12-03 02:14:08 (via
Vibrant, cosmopolitan London is packed with culture, nightclubs and crowds. But while few metropolises can top it for buzz, it’s also one of the most expensive cities in the world.
1  votes
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History, Pubs and Clubbing in Edinburgh on a Budget
Submitted by anacaona on 2008-11-27 10:18:20 (via
Cosmopolitan and vibrant yet surrounded by wild mountains, the historic capital is the remarkable jewel in Scotland’s crown.
2  votes
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Krakow - The Land of King Krak!
Submitted by christine on 2008-11-27 05:02:42 (via
Krakow is one of the largest and oldest cities in Poland.It has it all:great architecture that hides rich history and culture between its walls.But do you know what to keep away from??No?? than read this and find out how Not to spoil your vacation!   More...
4  votes
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Russia Travelogue
Submitted by pablo on 2008-11-24 05:59:52 (via
Spreading her powerful wings on two different continents,this time Russia captured the attention and the time of Peter and Yvonne. Join them as they get acquainted with the capitol and its sights: fascinating Kremlin, cheerful Gorky Park, St. Basil's Cathedral, as beautiful inside as outside and get introduced to the “local customs” in Vladimir.   More...
3  votes
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Backpacking in St Petersburg
Submitted by anacaona on 2008-11-21 04:19:37 (via
Although twice the capital of Russia in the past, elegant St. Petersburg is now the country’s second city. However, that’s not to say that it has any less history, culture or significance that it’s main rival, Moscow.
1  votes
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